OVERHEARD ON THE WEB: Beach chair edition

Staff Writer
The Destin Log

A City Council discussion about regulating chairs on Norriego Point sparked plenty of conversation online at The Destin Log’s Facebook page. Here is some of the chatter.

Ben Marler: Good Lord, can't folks just live and let others do the same? I'm convinced there are folks here who can't be happy until they make some other folks miserable. I've been here since 1938 and all I see is more and more restrictions, rules and regulations. I wish these folks would go back to where they came from and make the folks there miserable. Perhaps they're not welcome there... Peace folks, Jesus came to give us the Peace that passes all understanding. Meet Him and enjoy it. Then go sit in your own beach chair.... enjoy it too.

Ramsey Wade Hurst: An issue with chairs, Jim Wood, really? What the hell did chairs ever do to you to make you so bitter toward them?

Patricia Olivarez: Let them have chairs out there. Good grief. There are more important things to worry about than stupid beach chairs.

Joshua Nelson: If you own the beach you should be allowed to put chairs there for hire... (just like the condos do and yeah they own the beach five feet beyond the mean high tide line). However the Emerald Grande and Bos do not own that beach and his chairs should not be there at all! Just another way money talks in this society!

Nicole Timm: Nobody owns the beach! I say no! That’s just another beautiful spot that the tourists will tear up! No chairs!!

TJ Kelley Teddy Edwards: Hahahah... If people really cared about the beach, and the visual, and all that the ginormously ugly Emerald Grande wouldn't be there... and please don't say "created jobs" or any of that mess. There are other ways.