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The Destin Log

With the much ballyhooed Mayan doomsday coming and going on Dec. 21, The Log asked its fans “How would you spend your last day in Destin?” Here are some of the responses.

Amy Wright Townsend: No one knows the time or day... we should spend everyday as if our Lord is returning to take us home.

JoJo Mag: I'd spend it like Christmas was 4 days away.

Michelle Wise: It's already tomorrow in Australia, so how does this work?

Sharon Church: Well as it is already 21 Dec in Australia ...I am not too worried lol

Susan Barclay Johnston: working

Eva Nichols: Having a party

Brent Buffkin: Trying to find a tornado with these obnoxious radio station alerts and then go stand in the middle of it. That will pretty much do it for Doomsday! Does anyone think that maybe they just got bored with writing a boring calendar? Hmmm

Chris Coudrain: In a beach chair with an ice cold beer in one hand staring out at the Gulf ... Making my peace with God....

Lou Windom: Eating, drinking and being merry and bright!

Athena Marler Creamer: Peeking around the Sun for the Son

Stefanie Weber O'Dell: Having my Christmas with my daughter. Duck dinner and opening presents with her.

Mark Herring: Been there, done that 18 years ago. Over development was the doom.

Jerry Tommasone: Already December 21 in China and Santa Claus is loading his sled with toys for Christmas.