LOMBARDO: A rain check from the man upstairs

Sam Lombardo, Patriot’s Call

The Storm

As the storm's clouds were brewing

And the rain drops began to fall

I was walking in the wilderness

Not aware of the storm at all

Soon climbing the stairwell

I made it to the top.

Not knopwing the storm was so near

And without notice made me drop

Awakening in a helicopter

Over the Choctawhatchee Bay

Only then did I realize

That I had fallen on the way.

We arrived in Pensacola

At a hospital named Sacred Heart

I was then informed that the storm

Had been near me from the start

Many medical personnel were waiting

To do what lie ahead

Before the storm arrived

To show its ugly head

Dr. Golden then arrived

To accomplish his task

Knowing that in order to beat the storm

The team had to work very fast

Immediately the storm subsided

And the sun began to shine

Thanks to everyone at Sacred Heart

Because of them I'm still alive.

I am writing you to let you know that I had a life-threatening accident unknown to many, and have recovered pretty well.

Several weeks ago, I was visiting my weight loss clinic. I climbed some 30 steps to a hallway, turned right, and fainted. When I fainted I hit the concrete floor with the back of my head.

When I partially awakened, I was on a helicopter flying to the trauma center at Sacred Heart Hospital in Pensacola.

After one day in intensive care, they implanted a pacemaker in my chest. I had cut the back of my head in three places, but did not crack my head or I would not be here today.

It was not a heart attack. It was not a seizure. My battery ran low of electricity, which supplies the spark to the heart.

Note: I was getting light headed periodically for about four weeks prior to my accident, but didn't think much about it.

I would like to recommend to all that if you get light headed or dizzy, call your doctor and 911.

Seriously, I would like to thank everyone — the personnel who first saw me, and the folks on the floor from the weight loss center who called 911, the paramedics and helicopter crew who got me to the trauma center in time, and the doctors and staff at Sacred Heart for their rapid and efficient efforts that kept me alive.

Just shows how fast accidents can happen. Also, how fast we go down when we faint. After all I have been through I have never fainted in my life.

I just got a rain check for the upstairs golf course.

LTC. Ret. Samuel Lombardo is a 93-year-old Destin resident who fought in World War II in the European Theatre. After the Battle of the Bulge, Lombardo’s platoon created a makeshift American flag, which became one of the first U.S. flags to fly in Germany.