BLOME: IRS, SOS! Are you really surprised?

Pete Blome, Libertarian’s View

The blatant targeting by the IRS of groups opposed to the president clearly deserves prison time for those responsible. The odious revelations that the power to tax was used to hinder free expression for partisan purposes rightfully shakes public confidence that the government protects with the Bill Of Rights. The IRS can, and should, be abolished.

But I must ask, why are so many surprised when this kind of abuse happens? I would not be exaggerating if I said every day there are examples of even worse abuses by government.

It has routinely conducted warrantless searches of American citizens. For a long time it was a crime to tell anyone that a warrantless search had been committed. In Boston we saw the Fourth Amendment thrown to the winds for tens of thousands of citizens in the pursuit of two armed men.

The mortgage scandals, the LIBOR scandal, and the apparent immunity of big bankers, such as John Corzine, who blatantly steal investor funds but never come to trial, leaves the public with puzzled looks on their faces about the rule of law. Worst of all, American presidents have executed American citizens overseas without trial, or even without public evidence.

And this is the short list!

To Libertarians none of this comes as a surprise because we know big government is bad government. It’s a pity so many of our fellow citizens cannot see the dingy forest of government abuse until their particular tree is chopped down.

Pete Blome is chair of the Northwest Florida Libertarian Party.