MOODY: Halloween by the book at Destin Library

Susan Moody, Emerald Coast Insider
Susan Moody, Emerald Coast Insider

Halloween costumes are a BIG DEAL in our house. Casual discussions begin some time around Labor Day, and things start to get serious right around mid-September. I’m not crafty, so if the kids are looking for a particularly unique costume, I have to depend on the time, talents and expertise of a generous neighbor.

Otherwise, it’s off to every store in town looking for the “perfect costume.” From Ninja Turtles to Yetis, from ladybugs to Snow White, Alex and Harper have explored a number of different identities for trick or treating. This year, I’m pleased that both kids are looking to the library for their costume inspiration.

While Harper has outright vetoed my suggestion of Daisy Buchanan from “The Great Gatsby,” she is, of course, considering a number of different Disney princess options. Things took an unexpected and positive turn last night, however, when we were reading one of her favorite books, “The Very Fairy Princess.”

For those unfamiliar with this delightful series written by the incomparable Julie Andrews and her daughter, Emma Watson Hamilton, Geraldine is a spunky and spirited little girl who believes that she is, in fact, a fairy princess.

She tells readers that although they may not believe her, she knows she is, because she sparkles inside.  She spends her days doing “everything” fairy princesses do, especially encouraging her friends and family to find their own sparkle through activities they love. I have hope that we may be pushing aside some more traditional princess costumes in favor of this sparkly role model.

Alex, who is fully engrossed in and enthralled with the Percy Jackson Series, has decided to go as Zeus. This wildly popular series for older elementary and middle school kids chronicles the adventures of a group of students who have a Greek god as a parent. Although the story is intended for more mature readers, Alex is fascinated by the action and adventure.

In fact, as he has been reading the fiction books, he has been researching the original Greek myths referenced throughout the series. It’s like “two for one” reading every night. I’m feeling confident that even my limited crafting ability can fashion a toga and a lightning bolt for the big night. 

There are plenty of opportunities to trick or treat, trunk or treat, or just dress up in costume over the next few weeks. Although I’m glad both kids are in school full time, I always feel a bit nostalgic when the Destin library staff starts circulating the information for the annual Library Halloween Parade.

There is nothing cuter than a bunch or preschoolers in pumpkin costumes or dressed as butterflies, marching around the stacks of the library.

Mr. Will, Mrs. Burns and the rest of the library staff come dressed in their best costumes, and a good time is had by all. While you are there, you and your kids can explore the stacks, and perhaps find inspiration for next year’s Halloween Costume.

At the very least, you may find a new favorite book.

The Library’s Halloween Costume Parade is at 9:30 a.m. Wednesday, Oct. 23. The event is free and pre-registration is required. This program is funded entirely by patron donations, and every participant receives a goody bag, so perhaps you’ll consider dropping a special treat by the library this week.

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