BLOME: The lowdown on the shutdown

Pete Blome, Libertarian’s view

The shutdown was nothing of the sort. It was always more threat than action. It threatened a more fiscally responsible course that the Democrats took advantage of to seed the public with fear over how indispensable the government is. The Republicans used it to show they really meant business when even they knew they didn’t. In the end, it proved to be merely a delay on the road to more government intervention. Government again functions spending more than it takes it, abusing the rights of individuals, and finding every excuse possible to avoid limits to federal power as per the Constitution.  

Who created the brouhaha really is immaterial. The shutdown supposedly put a halt to the non-essential 17 percent of the government, but who asks how did that 17 percent get there in the first place, or was there any doubt that the non-essentials would start work again after the shutdown? In the cynical calculus of Washington, D.C., the major parties know they live or die by using the power of government to hand out benefits to their friends while progressively confiscating the wealth and rights of all.

That is how those non-essentials were created in the first place. That is how both major parties stay in power. 

The shutdown shows the major parties have far more in common than they care to admit. Both advocate compelling you with the force of law to do things with your life and property that you otherwise would not do. Both major parties have grown the state and federal governments to the point they are fiscally unsustainable.

The Affordable Care Act is a great case in point. The Democratic Party bankrupts individuals with mandatory, monopolistic insurance and fines, while Republicans conveniently forget their own enthusiasm for the massive Medicare Part D, or that their candidate for president, Mitt Romney, oversaw his own massive state-run healthcare system in Massachusetts. The Republican motto is “repeal and replace” not just repeal. Neither of these parties truly wants to reduce government. 

I am not the only one saying this. Every day one can read how Americans see what is going on. On the surface, the major parties profess commendable values such as caring for the welfare of their fellow human beings, fighting for civil liberties, fiscal accountability and standing by their principles. In reality, their policies have made their fellow citizens more dependent on government, limited civil liberties, amassed debt, and generally paid attention to their principles only in press releases. There isn’t a single aspect of American life that is free from government intervention thanks to Republican and Democrat policy. 

Even in the field of political competition Americans must struggle with a thumb on the scales. Both Republicans and Democrats have the privilege to be elected on a publicly funded election ballot, yet I am prohibited by law from doing the very same thing specifically because I am a Libertarian (FS103.091(4)).  Not only do those of us outside the major parties have to fight for people’s minds, we must also fight those who would rather outlaw us than deal with us. 

Libertarians know our nation is on an unsustainable course. We cannot continue accumulating debt. We cannot allow lawmakers to reduce people’s rights to the level of serfs. Government intervention must be stopped. If not, the laws of fiscal mathematics and public outrage will eventually take over.  Stopping these trends has been the Libertarian message for decades. 

Pete Blome is chair of the Northwest Florida Libertarian Party, and an at-large rep for the Libertarian Party of Florida