A picture of Pearl Harbor day

Sam Lombardo, Destin

This is the only photo I have from that day.

Pictured is our camp outside of Lynchburg, Va., on Dec. 7, 1941. We had just finished maneuvers in the Carolinas and were returning to our base camp at Indiantown Gap, Pa. We heard over a soldier’s small radio that Pearl Harbor had been attacked. Needless to say the news spread like wildfire, and one question was asked by everyone in the regiment, “Where is Pearl Harbor?”

No one slept that night and early morning we departed for Indiantown Gap, Pa., where we were refurbished, moved to Louisiana for additional training and deployed to the European Theatre.

Editor’s Note:LTC. Ret. Samuel Lombardo is a 94-year-old Destin resident who fought in World War II in the European Theatre. After the Battle of the Bulge, Lombardo’s platoon created a makeshift American flag, which became one of the first U.S. flags to fly in Germany. To read more about his amazing story, click on the links below.