OVERHEARD ON THE WEB: Helicopter Edition

Staff Writer
The Destin Log

Destin Airport has long been the home of military operations and various training exercises. The helicopter noise from a recent training session drew both ire and appreciation of some neighboring residents. Here is some of what our Facebook friends had to say.

PrestonGreen: Amazing to me about people complaining on this matter.

Steven Russell: Um, it's an airport...it's supposed to have planes & helicopters flying.

Dean Chamblin: Russian Helicopters involved in military training yet not with anyone connected with Eglin or Hurlburt? I'm kind of lost why the use of Military Helicopters being used to train Military Pilots are not located at a military base!

Stephanie Nagler: I love it!!!

Cheryl Rhoads: They've been doing a lot of training at night lately.

Will Brooks: I grew up in a home that was only a strong 3 wood away from the flight line at Hurlburt Field. C1 30's all through the night screaming over my house. I lived In the house for over 20 years. Heard choppers and everything else fly over, and you know what, I could care less! If in fact the man or women that is flying the choppers out of Destin airport is doing it for military training, then I say MORE POWER TO THEM!!! The folks that are complaining really should evaluate what's really important.

Fran Moates Newsom: Helicopters, jets, dogs, cats, kids, cars- those are the sounds of life. You don't like it- move to a quiet out of the way place. Where is this you ask? The funeral home.

Royce Gibson: Military training above densely population residential neighbors makes no sense. I have lived in the flight path of the airport and these helicopters make life unbearable as they circle endless. Normal air traffic never bothered me but these behemoths are a different story.

Gary Jarvis: They come over my house at about 150 ft .............I live at the NW end of the runway..........sounds like freedom and economic progress to me. I hunt in New Hope Florida want quiet move up there

Sandie Page Harris: It's called the sound of freedom. Suck it up. These maneuvers were going on long before Destin became the overcrowded tourist destination it now is. You don't like it, move.

Joyce Morgan: We didn't realize what a noisy city Destin was, as far as planes, until we moved away. Between the jets, the WWII planes and helicopters the noise was terrible.

Maxx Traxx: After the 10th-20th circle over homes it doe get a bit irritating. They should not be flying over homes in the first place.