A Destinite’s guide to sledding

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The Destin Log
When it comes to Destin, it can tough telling the difference between the snow and sand.

Perhaps our favorite question online came from Kibbie Marie Finn. "If we do get some significant snow... What would be the best hill in Destin for sledding/sliding?" Readers had plenty of suggestions.

Andy Avery: The bridge over East Pass when they close it, LOL.

Timothy Mahar: Big empty retention ponds

Kurt Rieper: Hose a street... SLIP AND SLIDE! Who's up for a "Block(ICE) Party"?!?!

Chuckster Lehnen: My question is where do I purchase two sleds for my kids ?

Kibbie Marie Finn: I don't have any real sleds, but we sure have some rafts and floats and boogie boards that I bet would work great! Go visit Alvin's Island and get creative!

Alicia Rose: Use trash can covers or cardboard!

Gail Smith: Sledding Hills, Destin, NOT

Mary Baker Hills: In Destin? It's flat land, and no sledding on the dunes. When I was a kid in Michigan, we'd sit inside black garbage bags and "sled" down the slope in our driveway. Find a driveway with a slope, maybe a curve. Sledding on a budget, or for those Florida kids who don't have sleds in the storage room.

Leigh Riewold: I've seen hilly areas in Destin when I was visiting there

Kurt Rieper: Mt. Destiny... It's on Scenic 98 just east of Crab Trap!

Nancy Miller: Go out to Blue Mountain Beach

Phillip Webster: The driveway off 98 down to AJ's and Boathouse Oyster Bar.

Pamela Donald Feldhake: Sorry to ruin the sled idea, but you need many inches of snow to sled. You should probably go to the sand dunes and go LOL!

Allison Harden: Hmmmmm I think we can take the find off our paddle boards and use them! LOL!

Anne Mosley: Azalea & Mountain Drive.

Matthew Hughes: The dry retention pond next to the Destin Dog Park is where I'd be heading.

Mike Lewis Jml: Zerbe Street behind McGuire's.