OVERHEARD ON THE WEB: Dolly and Private roads

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The Destin Log

After a demolition permit was recently issued for a parcel of land owned by the Dolly Parton-affiliated World Choice Investments, Facebook fans had plenty to say about the idea of a Dolly-themed development in Destin. Here’s some of the chatter.

Bob Flynn: Was at Dixie Stampede in Pigeon Forge Aug 10th and the staff there was talking about the new show being built in Destin.

Gregory Frisbee: Another nail in the coffin.

Yvonne Goen Parham: With all the 'attractions' being built, is anybody even thinking about infra-structure issues???? Build it and the will come'...But if they can't get there because they are stuck in traffic it's going to be a bust instead of a boom!!! Just my humble opinion...

Tina Starling: Destin is awesome, Bring it on. Amenities bring more Visitors, which support our City!

Denise B. Cleveland: I swear I saw Dolly yesterday. This nearly confirms it.

Tina Cox: Well, I'm sorry but Dixie Stampede does not really fit the ' beach ' theme Florida has. Now, if they are going to ride dolphins and whales, I'd be for it.

Zac Steele: This is stupid. Dolly wood has all of pigeon forge. She needs to stay out of Destin. Already crowded enough as it is.

Steven Murphy: Hey, let's fix the traffic problem before building anything else.

Susan P. Hagstrom: Went belly up in Orlando. . Where will they house the horses buffalo's and bison? Besides it is 180 days to break ground or permit will be rescinded! That's all we need here...

Pamela Donald Feldhake: Kinda sad don't make Destin A circus.

Gail DeLong: Uh oh...another "Dolly World"?

Shana Long: I didn't know this. Hope its a place to take children. There are not enough of those around here if you can't do the beach!!

City leaders also recently heard a presentation from a local association management company that requested the city take over a private road that has fallen into disrepair. Here’s what our Facebook friends has to say about the idea.

Andrew Wise: Finally!!! This road is like something in a third world country.

Hilary Ann Hughes: That road is ridiculous!

Michelle Bass: I drove down the other day and I think my entire car would fit in one of those holes.

Sara Post Marshall: Yes!! I almost damaged my car hitting a pothole that must have been a foot deep there! The city needs to do something.

Jake Kearney: We have tried to get them to take over Durango Rd on Holiday Isle for years and years. They won't take it as the R/W isn't wide enough.

Lori Lee Stokes David: Why was it privately owned to begin with?

Shawn Dahnke: Yeah sure just go right on and take over a whole private road that the developers should be worried about and held accountable. But they can’t even fix one they already own (Kelly street) from Sibert to the school. And that’s just near me. Just wow is all I can say. How about at the very least throw something in all the potholes in Destin before you take on new stuff they don’t even own???!!! Oh yeah 2 millon dollars never forget

Adrienne Clark: The city should make the owner of the private road held accountable.

Justin Rowe: No city money should not be used to fix private property. The rich dbags (sic) that live on the private road should pay to fix it.

Lisa Q. Gaddis: The entire entrance in front of the Villages is one big pot hole. Driving down the road to get into the villages is like playing don't hit the cone on a driving course. It's horrible!! It would be amazing if the city would take it over!! I’m sorry I missed that meeting.

Sandi Farr: It's not a heavily traveled road except by those who live and have businesses back there. Don't make the city take on another budget item b/c a few business entities went belly up. Simple economics

Robert Flynn: I agree with Shawn, fix the roads the city controls first before fixing "private roads." Let the home owners fix their private road.

Michelle Webb King-Realtor: Tough sell, Tracie Martin. Tough sell.