Overheard on the Web: iphone 6 craze or crazy

Staff Writer
The Destin Log

With the new iPhone 6 hitting the stores last week, The Destin Log asked its Facebook fans how long they would stand in line to buy a the iPhone 6.

Casey Ryan Barber: Never. I love my Android.

Brandy Thibault: I did yesterday for only 15 minutes. It was worth it!

Rob Sansonia: I did from 11 p.m. till 8 a.m.

Laura Wright Reaves: Zero minutes.

Jeri Olsen: Not one minute.

Christine Bourque: I waited for the iPhone 4 the day it came out and I still have it now. I'll get the iPhone 6 after the hype dies down.

Daphne Wheeler: Not one single second! #TeamAndroid.

Diana Grasa: Not at all!

Caryn Rominger: Never, pre-ordered it and it arrived at my doorstep yesterday at 4 p.m.

Tony Gallina: nada

Mike Vanacore: Never. I would never buy an apple product

Trina Pegg Simmons: Never. ANDROID!

Ashley Skewes: Not one second! Love my Android!

Susan Barclay Johnston: Never.

Brianna Patton: I preordered and got mine yesterday! Totally worth it!

tacey L'ynae: I love my I phone, but would not stand in line for it.

Hannah Amos-Bowyer: Zero.

Richard S. Jamieson: Apple is all hype.

Lisa Jones: Love my iPhone but I won't stand in line.

ReginaBright Dossett: Droids are the best.

Christina Peters: Didn't have to nobody else was at the sprint store in Dothan al yesterday morning.

Renee Klarenbeek: Not long. My i5 still works great!! Luv luv.

Monika Baltazar: I wouldn't and I'm an iPhone fan.

Stacey Dugger: I wouldn't.

Lisa Brown: None!

Darren LaPierre: I would not stand in line at all!!!

Seth Sladky: No need to wait in line. Just order it from your provider and have it shipped to your house.

Marie K Murphy: my daughter got hers no problem the morning it came out at verizon store in Destin.....its a beautiful phone looks like the Samsung finally!! lol

Suzanne Zachary Shoemaker: Only DROID for me.

Erica Wildinger: I didn't have to stand in line.

Patrick Caudle: I wouldn't, even if they were giving them away.

Brenda Simmons Russell: No lines here today. Took me all of 35 minutes for whole changeover. I love mine so far, but I wouldn't have stood in any line for it.

Tara Johnson Shepard: I was there 4.5 hrs (Best Buy).

Sandra King: 0 hours 0 minutes 0 seconds.... not a iphone person.

Lisa Cross: Not one minute!!! I hate the iPhone I have!!!!

Thomas Paul: If it was free I would wait for 5 or 10 minutes.

Christi Kate Watson: My iphone would never hold a charge. Switched to Samsung Galaxy S5 and wouldn't trade it for the world!!!!