COLUMN: A holiday reflection and best wishes

Staff Reporter
The Destin Log
Matt Algarin, The Destin Log/The Walton Sun Editor

Tis the season.

With the holidays upon us, the hustle and bustle of our daily lives becomes more hectic. To borrow a familiar phrase, we are making our lists and checking them twice.

And if you are anything like me, your gift buying outings are getting oddly close to Christmas day. Despite my Grinch-like attitude when it comes to shopping during the holidays, I have been thankful to see the true spirit of the holidays on display no matter where I’ve gone in the community.

Whether it’s the cashier at the grocery, a helpful store associate or the young Marine collecting Toys for Tots outside the local Wal-Mart, smiles have been abundant. It’s a welcome sight.

This city is filled with kind, generous and caring individuals that never hesitate to go the extra mile, or to put forth an outstretched hand, to help one another.

With early deadlines filling my work calendar, it’s been full throttle preparing for these last few weeks of 2015. A meeting here, a special project there, it seems there is always something to eat up the day’s hours.

I still find it hard to believe it’s almost 2016. Where did time go?

But as I sifted through our online archives of newspapers past, I can honestly say 2015 was a great year for The Log. As I thumbed through the pages, I saw story after story that reminded me how much our staff puts into each edition of the paper.

To the outsider, it may not be obvious how much effort and time goes into putting together a paper each Wednesday and Saturday, not to mention each individual story, photo, calendar listing or photo page.

From story idea and initial research to coordinating interviews, waiting on phone calls and writing first drafts, the process depends on a symphony of outside influences before it comes to fruition. On average, A Destin Log reporter will file, on average, more than 300 stories a year.

That’s 300-plus opportunities to make a first impression with readers. That’s 300-plus opportunities to showcase and celebrate the good that happens in our community.

As I flipped through the archives, I was reminded of why I come to work each day. I come to work each day because I have an amazing staff that believes in putting together a quality product. I come to work each day because I believe in celebrating the community.

With 2016 on the horizon, I’d like to personally say thank you to each and every reader who picked up one of our newspapers, typed our website into their browser, “liked” us on Facebook and read one of our stories. You chose to support us and help celebrate our community.

Your support and commitment means the world to us. We sincerely appreciate you.

With Christmas just days away, on behalf of the entire Destin Log staff, let me wish you all a Merry Christmas and happy holiday season.

Here’s to the year that was, and cheers to the year that awaits.

-Matt Algarin