LETTER: Destin misusing half-cent tax

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The Destin Log
The Destin Log

I see that Destin plans to use their part of the voter established half-cent tax to purchase beachfront property.

As someone who reluctantly voted for the tax, I believe Destin's use of the tax is in violation of the proposed purpose of the tax as it was explained to the public and requested to approve.

Mainly, the tax was to cover the extended needs that the current tax base won't support. Those needs as told to us by the county were in simple terms, infrastructure. roads, power lines, sewer and water projects, and schools. We taxpayers did not approve the tax so Destin could continue its unabated growth with our tax funds.

If Destin wants to buy property, establish your own gofundme account. Beach access may be nice, but it is not a necessity. Buying beach front property has nothing to do with infrastructure improvements and is an abuse of government and the tax base.

William Miller, Shalimar