LETTER: Leave it alone, Destin

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The Destin Log

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First it was Crab Island. Destin said: “Oh, look at all those people having fun – and it is U-N-R-E-G-U-L-A-T-E-D! Why, that is downright un-American! It might even upset the rotation of our planet! We must DO something and regulate it at once!”

Of course, Crab Island does not belong to Destin. Curses! Oh what to do, what to do?!

Now, another — dare I say it? — UNREGULATED parcel of land has caught Destin’s eye – the small strip of beach near the west end of Marler Bridge. People use it for fun and convenience – but it doesn’t belong to Destin! Ach du Lieber, as the Germans say – that just can’t stay that way!

DEC. 31, 2019: Destin wants to lease beach by Marler Bridge

Now, Destin is trying to hatch some scheme to gain control of it – maybe even try to get a 99-year lease from the U.S. Air Force! Holy covetousness! Councilman Windes has even been reported saying: “We’ve got all that acreage over there, ...: No, Councilman, YOU do NOT have all that acreage over there – the United States Air Force has it!

If people are having fun and not directly affecting you, leave them alone. Destin may not like the looks of Crab Island or the USAF beach, but, unless they represent a truly overwhelming offense to normal, rational human standards, that is just too bad, Destin (and Okaloosa County)!

Visvaldis Dzelzkalns, Miramar Beach