LETTERS: Who needs a smile?

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The Destin Log

A chuckle among the unrest: I have “Closed Captioning” on my television for my elderly ears.

While watching a commercial on Chanel 3 about “Meals on Wheels,” the caption read, “Males on Wheels,” call this number (and it gave a number).

I thought, Gee, do I want to order a “Male on Wheels?: What would this old gal do with him, maybe he could do my yard work, etc.

I enjoyed a little chuckle among all the unrest going on in the country.

Joyce Withers, Destin

It seems evident that the city of Destin has left no stone unturned acquiring funds from those who come to this area on vaction.

From bed tax, boat ramps to parking. Now I see they are going to start charging a fee for beach side street parking for all non residents.

Let’s tie the knot to complete their fees on nonresidents. The Dog Park: charge all nonresidents a fee for bring their dogs to the park. Also charge a fee for all nonresidents that use any of Destin parks and last, charge all nonresidents a fee for using any public restrooms in Destin.

That should put a damper on those nonresidents coming to Destin for any reason.

Steve Jones, Destin

Trump bashing is tiring

I am becoming a little weary of people bashing our President.

Admittedly he is a little rough around the edges sometimes but considering the great shape of our country in all areas under his leadership I can overlook his flaws.

Maybe you’d like to vote for one of the socialists/communists or perhaps the head of the Biden crime family who doesn’t know where he is half the time.

So you go ahead and vote Democrat if you must but remember to hide your wallet and good luck getting a doctor’s appointment if one of those clowns should win.

Dave Wall, Destin