LETTER: Thank you Health Department for vaccine

The Destin Log

I feel I must add my voice to the growing chorus of praise for the Okaloosa County Health Department.

So often our government and their agencies let us down.  Not this time. 

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They took what was surely a logistical nightmare and turned it into a sweet southern dream. Besides being efficient the vaccine staff was patient, kind and good humored. 

A giant thank you to the Okaloosa County Health Department staff.

Judy Mullin, Camp Hill, Pennsylvania and Destin 

Letters to the editor

More Health Department kudos

My wife and I, senior citizens, want to praise the staff of the Okaloosa County Health Department for GREAT job they are doing in distributing the COVID-19 vaccine.

We received our second dose on Fe. 9 at the department facility via a drive-through event.  We can't believe how smooth the process went. 

We were expecting long lines and long wait time.  But, we found the opposite.  The process was so well organized.  We moved easily from station to station.

The staff members were so kind and courteous.  They made us feel very comfortable.  GREAT JOB to all the staff.

We hope all seniors and all eligible persons signup and get the vaccine.  The the tie-ups in the overall process is supply; not distribution.

William and Diane Tierney, Destin