LETTER: Civil unions a more respectful approach

Staff Writer
The Destin Log

In reference to Ron Hart’s column that appeared in The Log this week:

The way forward on same sex marriage is to call it civil unions.

While analysts may be right about the changing support for same sex marriage, it is media driven and disrespectful of the religious and biological evidence speaking in favor of civil union as a more reasonable answer.

The Old Testament speaks clearly about the dangers of same sex. The ongoing AIDS epidemic would certainly be reduced if all male/male sex was taken from the bathhouse to the bedroom.  

Biology predicts that human traits result in some men preferring men and some women preferring women. They should have the same civil rights as married couples without demeaning holy matrimony.

By taking sex out of the bath house and confirming the biological needs for those who prefer to be with their homosexual partner, we respect our institutions without demeaning our sanctity. 

Alvin Samuels, aka Chaim Wolff

Metairie, La.