LETTER: Shine a light on abuses of student worker program

Staff Writer
The Destin Log

On May 18, the Destin Log printed a column by Mary Ready concerning the exploitation of students employed locally under the J-1 international student program.

In her piece Ms. Ready wrote, "I know of Destin businesses which have cheated these kids..." and "I'd love to tell you about the major local resort that worked them hard with no breaks..."

I wish that Ms. Ready would be willing to identify the guilty businesses, but I have no doubt that she'd be inviting a legal catastrophe if she did.

Ms. Ready's piece leaves me in an uncomfortable position: How can I avoid supporting the students' exploitation if I don't know who to boycott? That said, I hope that Ms. Ready or the Log will educate me as to the extent of the problem locally.

How many students do we have who make up the J-1 population? To what degree does the J-1 population suffer from this exploitation? Which local or state agencies are attempting to deal with the problem? I'll take my answer off the air.

Phil Turner Miramar Beach

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