RON HART: Who really has a “War on Women”?

Ron Hart, The Hart Beat

CHATTANOOGA, TENN. — President Obama gave a stem-winder of a speech last week. He reminded me of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Kim Jung Un or Fidel Castro, talking forever and egotistically veering off on repetitive, odd tangents in front of a staged audience.

His speech did have a new spin on his old theme of blaming Republicans. He referred to the IRS targeting of conservatives, Benghazi, and the NSA snooping as “phony scandals.” If anyone knows how to conjure up a “phony scandal,” it's Obama and his O-bots. Remember the narrative the media advanced for them that Mitt Romney and the Republicans had a “War on Women"?

Democrats go through campaign slogans like Taylor Swift goes through boyfriends. Recall Sandra Fluke (the woman who could not afford $18 a month for birth control but who could pay $80,000 a year to attend Georgetown Law School) and her manufactured drama. Dems then targeted what they called the “birth control moms” demographic. These are moms who value birth control but apparently don’t know how to use it.  Against all evidence, they were made to feel that Mitt Romney and the GOP were going to take away their birth control.

Democrats are allowed to paint the narrative that they are better to women. I do not want to mock the myth that defines Democrats (but it is kind of what I do), but let’s look at the way major Democrats treat women:

Ted Kennedy (D-Mass.):The Chappaquiddick swim champion left a young campaign worker to drown. After that he became the Democrat “Lion of the Senate.”

Bill Clinton (D-Ark.):Even though the Clinton Library is the only presidential library with a stripper pole and a two-drink minimum, he is the Democrat stalwart. Any politician who survives womanizing to get reelected should pay the Clintons royalties.

Gov. Eliot Spitzer (D-N.Y.) resigned in disgrace when it was discovered that he was hiring expensive hookers for “dangerous” sex acts. This was the most embarrassing thing to happen to a governor since Arnold Schwarzenegger did "Kindergarten Cop." Spitzer went after prostitution while he was N.Y. attorney general (maybe it was a customer complaint case).  The hypocrisy has no end. Republican David Vitter paid $300 for a New Orleans hooker and Larry Craig trolled for gay sex in an airport bathroom stall, but Spitzer paid $4,300 an hour. Even in shenanigans, Republicans are more fiscally responsible.

Mayor “McCheese” Bob Filner (D-Calif.), ex-California Congressman and current San Diego Mayor: He huddled with advisors to see just how little time he would have to pretend to be in sex rehab in order to avoid depositions for sexual harassment. Filner, who looks like the Cleveland Indians mascot, reminds me of a creepy carnival ride owner who traps kids on his Ferris wheel to make them beg and teach them a lesson. Like Weiner, he refuses to resign.  Also like Weiner, he comes from another facility for sexual addictions: Congress.

Then there is DNC front man and former Democrat Congressman Anthony Weiner. He takes the cake on creepy with his narcissistic sexting and sending unsolicited “selfies.”

There are other Democrats, too numerous to make fun of in this column, with similar misogynistic issues. To name just a few: John Edwards, N.Y., Gov. Paterson, N.J., Senator Menendez and the Most Rev. Jesse Jackson, etc.

It is funny that they are all liberal Democrats. It seems the only real, demonstrative, private sector growth they like is in their own privates.

Those who seek political fame seem to be prone to self-destructive, delusional proclivities. They surround themselves with sycophants who reinforce their "righteousness."

The perpetual adulation given to a person who is willing to do anything for power and fame eventually leads to his demise. In the case of Democrats, it is more acute — and prevalent. They proceed under the illusion that they are saving the world and performing heroically for the poor or disaffected, albeit with someone else’s money.

The leftist media seldom hold them to account like they do Republicans, thus the false "War on Women" that has been pinned on the GOP.

In this trumped-up "War on Women," actions speak louder than words.  Watch what politicians do, not what they say.

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