HART: Hillary and her CAD: Control/Alt/Delete

Ronald Hart | Hart Beat
Ron Hart

After first refusing to, Hillary Clinton announced that she “turned over” her illegal private server to the FBI last week. Knowing the FBI would be coming for it, she deleted more than 30,000 emails (a crime) on her illegal, government business, home server. In saying that “she just turned it over,” her wording was curious — and by curious I mean a lie. When the FBI wants something, it does not ask, it takes. It’s like Whitey Bulger or Al Capone saying he “turned over his freedom to the FBI when it asked.” And bin Laden just invited the Navy SEALs in for a drink.

There are now as many Clinton Crime Family Foundation ethics lapses as there are GOP candidates. Hillary is chasing an historic first here: She hopes to be the first Clinton indicted before the Iowa Caucuses.

After saying there were never any classified emails on her personal account, we learn that as of Aug. 18, the State Department has flagged more than 300 emails as potentially containing classified information. This was after she deleted some 30,000 emails that she said were just emails to her husband and yoga routines. Rumors are that her staff deleted the designation of “Top Secret” from emails so they could not be searched. If I were Hillary, I would have hidden things I didn’t want found in a folder no one would look at, titled “Pictures of Hillary doing Yoga.”

The uber-partisan, political, Obama Justice Department will probably not prosecute. They use prosecutorial "discretion" to go after Republicans and other enemies like the Mafia uses henchmen and thugs to intimidate rivals.

DOJ did indict General Petraeus, the hero commander in Iraq who took issue with the Obama regime and was made to pay the price. His “crime” was discovered by his feuding mistresses. He was sleeping with his autobiographer, Paula Broadwell. Like most affairs, it began innocently; they worked closely together on his autobiography, ultimately titled “All In.” It initially carried a working title of “Just the Tip.”

Ms. Broadwell caught on that the general had another girlfriend (mistresses hate men who cheat). She started sending threatening emails to her rival, who hung around the Central Command base and was described as a “Tampa socialite” (which, I can only imagine, is a woman regularly seen at inland Florida O’Charley’s restaurants ordering salmon croquettes paired with Sutter Home wine). Anyway, Petraeus’ stranges got into a catfight over him in a love triangle which was working its way all the way to a Pentagon.

His secret email account, which only contained his official calendar so they could schedule hookups, was seen by both women. Feeling threatened by Broadwell's emails, the other "other woman" went to the FBI. (Our crack government, with the NSA spying and all, didn’t uncover this.) The Holder/Obama Injustice Department went after him as payback for his defiance.

What Hillary did was far more consciously egregious. If there is an ounce of integrity in the Justice Department and the Obama administration, they will indict her.

Knowing this possibility, Bill recently played golf with Obama to charm, or threaten, him. My guess is Obama didn’t have to make a putt out side of eight feet that day. It seems playing golf with a president who is considering federal charges against your wife would not be OK either.

Keep in mind, neither the State Department nor IRS hitwoman Lois Lerner would turn over emails demanded by Congress. Lerner said the IRS "lost" all requested emails that dealt with the IRS going after Tea Party groups who opposed Obama. It served TeaPartyers right for acting like nut jobs who said you can’t trust the government.

According to a confidential source who is close to Hillary’s valet, and based on my own speculation, these are some other things we will find out when her non-deleted emails are released:

"Reminder, Madame Secretary: You have pantsuit fittings at 1:30, 3:30 and 5 today."

There are typos in her email. For example she always forgot to hyphenate “destroyed-evidence” and “witness-tampering.”

She would get drunk and send fundraising emails late on Saturday night.

There were 500 unopened emails from Joe Biden in her inbox.

She gave Monica Lewinsky a remarkably nice Yelp review on her handbag collection.

No matter what the legal outcome of this scandal, I would much rather see Bill Clinton’s browser history than Hillary’s emails.

Ron Hart is a libertarian op-ed humorist columnist, author, and TV and radio commentator. He can be contacted at or