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P.A. DeFrenza
Amanda Batton with Toby. Creator of "For The Love Of Dog" local dog friends network.

Tuckers Tales: A righteous person has regard for the life of his animal. Proverbs

Digging in your yard? Be safe and know what’s below. Just call 811 to have the utility lines marked. This process takes only two days after you call. This is a free service. Visit:

Gentle Giants Meet: Florida Panhandle Great Dane Meetup group gathers at the Destin Dog Park and other parks in the Panhandle. Everyone is welcome whether you own a Dane or not. To learn more about these gentle giants, snoop around their web page at for adoptable Great Danes and for more info. Visit

Smooches: Go to “For The Love of Dog” to meet up with over 200 fellow dog friends.

Pooch Palooza: Will be Nov. 14 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Destin Dog Park. Vendors bring your arts, crafts, and wares as fees are only $25 for non-profits; all others $50. Items do not have to be dog related. No hunting dog needed to find information, just call Barb Telford at Destin City Hall 850-837-4242 for an application or email her at Proceeds benefit the Dog Park.

No Beggin Required: There is no entry fee to attend the Palooza but Paws would appreciate any donations attendees can bring for the Shelter. Items needed are dog food, blankets, toys, bleach, puppy replacement milk, paper towels, crates, and first aid items. Monetary donations are always appreciated.

Howl out to Canine Rescue Groups: Rescue Groups sign up now for Pooch Palooza as the NW Florida Great Dane Rescue and Paws will be there too. Volunteers are needed to help with events at the Destin Dog Park. Contact Barb at 850-837-4242 and check out Friends of the Destin Dog Park on Facebook.

Lacy’s Licks: We will eat anything from pennies to peonies and chow down on foods that can cause us to get sick or even shorten our lives. Hidden salt in people food is unhealthy for you and Fido, too. Canine cuisine should consist of quality dog food as it has balanced nutrition. Ask your vet about safe veggies and proteins that you can add to our dog bowl without harm. We are likely to live longer if we eat well.

The Legal Lab found a Dog “But if” Rule: Need another reminder why you should obey the leash law? If your dog runs into a road and causes an accident, you could be held responsible. If your dog charges a person riding a bike and they fall, you might pay medical bills for injuries even though your dog did not bite. Yip, yap, its true. “But if” the dog did not charge me; I wouldn’t have fallen and broken my wrist.

Doggone it: Before you choose a breed, check with your homeowners insurance carrier as it could cost you higher premiums with certain breeds. Many companies will drop coverage or not insure you at all.

Coupawns: Get a leg up on your competitors and advertise a discount coupon for your business here. The Scoop is published the first Wednesday of the month so call The Log now to place an ad for October at 850-837-2828.

P.A. DeFrenza, a.k.a The Destin Dog Whisperer/Pooch Scoop Reporter, is a resident of Destin, freelance writer and American Red Cross volunteer. Send your upcoming pawsome news and/or events, to