Overheard on the Web: Tourism Edition

Staff Writer
The Destin Log

The Log recently published a story about the "record breaking" tourism season that came to a wrap after the "100 Days of Summer," which garnered plenty of chatter on Facebook. Here's a look at what folks had to say about the tourist season.

Tina Winfree: If it's tourist season why can't we shoot 'em. Sorry used to put in the restaurant kitchens to laugh during the hard working summers.

Lonna Mcgrew: Wow I never seen the beach this crowded there?

Piper Prendergast: Now if you could just solve the cell phone service issue...

Kathy Kevin Skinner: Enjoyed my first visit to Destin, it is beautiful.

Amanda Fagan: Terrible traffic, beach covered with wooden chairs and umbrellas....I did a few shoots in Destin, very disappointed in the over all look of Destin and just way too crowded!

Jeanne Hutto: It's much nicer during the early fall when the tourists have cleared out.

Eric Atkinson: Shhhhh! Destin is a beautiful place. Try different parts of the year to find what's better for you... We all know in the summer beaches are crowded.

Marcelle Bell: Would be nice if Destin would figure how to maintain what we have vs bringing more and more people our infrastructure can no longer sustain.

Gene R Grossie: Best time to be there is now!

Jack Breuss: Had a great time, 3rd week of Aug, will be there next yr!

Nic Neumann II: Sssshhhhh don't tell any one but the best time of the year to go there is the fall! Tourist are gone and the locals are all busy with the kiddos back in school. I choose October because of it not being crazy. The best time to visit is the off season!

Pat Watkins: I remember when Destin was deserted--almost all year! Too bad for now.

Sara Franklin Wilson: I am s ready for all the tourists & traffic to be gone! I am so ready for the beautiful monarchs to migrate through, cool weather, pumpkins , empty beaches and no lines anywhere!!! Happy fall, Ya'll! Whoops I forgot football & basketball!

Carolyn Martin: Too much traffic! Beaches have too many crazy people on them who are rude. The Chamber and politicians are only interested in tourist dollars and not the locals who are here all year paying the taxes. They have ruined a beautiful place with too much growth!

Christina Carver-La Rue: We to visit in the fall. Will be there this Saturday for 8 nights. Cannot wait!

Diane Davis: Very crowded right now. I spoke to one of the property managers and he said it's the most crowded he has seen it at this time of the year in his 16 yrs here. Still beautiful though!

Debra Blackerby Taber: Getting too crowded! Found new place very private. Love it quite and peaceful when on beach not crowded and loud.