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Overheard on the Web: Paid Parking

Staff Writer
The Destin Log

The Log recently posted a story about the city considering paid parking, and folks on social media had plenty to say about it.

Schala Metzner Duckett: You're out of your mind. Destin is already a rip off now if you make people park and pay for get it.

Greg LaGrasso: I think you would see even more people parking across the street to avoid paying and that would lead to even more pedestrian accidents

Now had they constructed the parking garage and Sky walk that they promised when they proposed to make that monstrosity most of these traffic issues could have been avoided.

Mike Lewis Jml: I think area residents will find somewhere else to park and it will cause more issues with local businesses who are already fighting a losing battle... a lot of tourists will pay. I am against it, for all the good my opinion will do.

Zack Langston: It already costs nearly $15 just to get into and out of Destin via toll bridge, now pay to park as well??? If another tax is what the city wants to collect, just raise taxes on the business that benefit from the parking lots. Or, try serving the community for a change instead of making the community serve you.

Diana Tucker: I'm a local and live in Miramar Beach. It's a hassle getting to the harbor as it is. Wanting me to pay? Forget it.

Mary Rosen Bradford: Hmmm. Would the money go to infrastructure maintenance or operations? Many other places do it, and if it helps pay for city services, why not?

Joseph Alduen Crespo: Charge for parking.....Lose your tourist revenue. Which is more important for you Destin?

Beth Meisel: Tourists starting to mention Navarre Beach. Bet they don't charge to park. Gonna check that out next time I'm back.

Greg Schmidt: Watch Destin turn into a ghost town real fast.