Pooch Scoop: Happy howlidays

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"Elvis" the Bloodhound with Paige O'Shea of Destin at the Destin Dog Park.

Angels in the Outfield? Yip, yap, and Jennifer Allan-Hagedorn is making miracles happen every day in her quest to find shelter dogs forever homes at “Saving with Soul Rescue.” There are many adorable dogs waiting for adoption for only $55. Visit her webpage at to see available dogs. Or call her at 850-356-2647. Volunteers, foster homes and transportation folks are needed.

Adopting a Pooch? Don’t fall for “The Puppy in the Window” impulse. Read about the breed you are considering before you go. All pups are cute, but will that breed be the best choice for your family?

Canine Wisdom — “A loving heart is the truest wisdom,” Charles Dickens. My dog is friendly toward others but can be selectively protective, so if he tells me that he does not like someone, I trust him.

Tuckers Tales — A tired dog, is a well behaved dog. Take a long daily hike for your good health and mine.

Proverb — “A cheerful heart is good medicine.” Dogs make us happy, so their daily presence is the “good medicine” we need.

Lacys Licks — When I don’t come, it’s not naughty. At my age, I cannot hear you. Now, where’s the beef?

Pooch Panting? Panting is normal as it helps cool a dog down but panting in a cold environment was the first sign I noticed when my dog began his heart problems. I also noticed a new nightly restlessness. He would lie down, then get back up and move. It seemed like he just could not get comfortable. At his age I assumed it was arthritis, because during the day he wanted to play. One morning he woke up and began coughing. The cough was followed by foam. I knew it was time to see the veterinarian stat. Dogs do cough, but it’s usually a rare one-time thing. When a cough becomes regular or has foamy saliva, it’s time to see the vet ASAP. Heartworms can cause coughing, so can seizures or an object stuck in their throat, so please do not ignore coughing. I received a diagnosis I half expected but didn’t want to hear; my dog has a stage 3 heart condition and there are only five stages. People can have this same heart condition, so with some lifestyle adjustments and daily meds, my BFF will be around for a while longer. At least, that is my Christmas wish this year.

Merry Christmas everybody and a Yappy New Year to all, and to all a good night. “Woof”

Your furriendly Pooch Reporter,

Patty and Pawsome furry reporters, Tucker the Wonder Dog and Miss Congeniality Lacy Freebush.

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