Overheard on the Web: Wishes for Destin

Staff Writer
The Destin Log

The Log asked its Facebook friends for one gift/improvement they'd like to see in the city of Destin for the holiday season. Here's what they had to say.

Charlie Lagos: More parking for surfers.

Bart Lucius: dog friendly beaches.

Alicia Rose: Not Destin directly but lower the bridge toll.

Joanne Jones Bouchillon: Dog beach area.

Kim Smitherman McKenzie: Walkovers for Hwy 98 along Harbor Blvd.

Carolyn Martin: Less traffic! Thank you very much!

Howard Marchant: No more high rise condos.

Mike Lewis Jml: I'm with Kim on this one. Walkovers.

Marybeth Szymanski: Wider approach off Emerald Coast Parkway-to Matthew - going south to Scenic Gulf Dr. Widen curb area there.

Mike Martin: City Police Dept.

Paulette Newton: The Mid-Bay Bridge please! Locals should be toll free especially if they work over the bridge.

Carter Leach: Too many to name... Walkovers, Increase toll fees for those who don't have a sunpass i.e.: tourists.. Attract other types of businesses besides hospitality, Increase in wages, Incentives who travel over to work in Destin.. But I would actually love to see a ferry service linking HarborWalk, Sandestin, & Niceville

Bob Gardner II: Build a flyover on 98 and keep the traffic up on 98 where it belongs! We do not need it running back through our neighborhoods!

Lane Mcdanal: 6 lanes on hwy 98.

Chuck Peters: Become dog friendly.

Mike Albright: Heavier fines for beach litterers, including some jail time... every year I hear about how the beaches are trashed... maybe time to ban spring breakers. They have zero respect.

Marylin Wiseman: No smoking on the beaches. I'm sick of all the stinking cigarette butt in my sandcastles.

Patricia Wigley Lusk: A swimming pool for swim team and locals to use.

Ann White Ward: The City to buy the old concrete plant land and expand the boat ramp and MK (Mattie Kelly) park.

Debbi Palmer Stefanic: An overpass from Marler bridge to the other side of Sandestin!!