Hart: Liberals love corrupt international governing bodies

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FIFA, world soccer’s governing body, is corrupt, even by world governing bodies' standards. Its president, Sepp Blatter, was banned from FIFA soccer for eight years on Monday.

The international governing body for World Cup soccer rakes in stacks of nefarious money. When it hosts World Cup matches, everything is for sale: team jerseys, horns, national flags, soccer balls and FIFA soccer officials.

FIFA’s corruption was so brazen that our Justice Department pivoted from its policy of only going after Republicans, LifeLock (Rush Limbaugh’s sponsor) and our nation’s police departments, to arresting 16 FIFA officials for bribery last year. Sepp Blatter, which sounds like something best cured by drinking cranberry juice, is the main target of the slow-moving investigation. It has taken so long because every time officials try to penalize the former FIFA soccer head, he and his attorneys throw themselves on the courtroom floor and pretend to be injured.

In this case, FIFA officials have won two rulings and lost three. Under the rules of football today, I think that still makes them bowl eligible.

By keeping our southern borders open and by giving free education, health care, EBT cards and voting fraud protections to illegals, liberals have assured the USA a future interest in soccer.

Liberals also love corrupt international bodies (for example, the UN), because they work in theory, not reality. And working in theory is the only thing liberals care about. As long as something sounds good and feels good, it doesn’t matter that it’s corrupt and never works.

Also, getting kickbacks from these international bodies they create is much easier under international laws. Just ask the Clinton Crime Family Foundation, which also took money from FIFA. At the behest of Obama, Bill Clinton lobbied to get the World Cup in Chicago. He didn’t succeed because his heart wasn't in it; Clinton couldn’t love a sport like soccer where you can’t use your hands. But he did extract a FIFA donation for his foundation. At this stage of his life, it would be too much to ask Bill Clinton to reject an international body.

For a glimpse into the future of U.S. health care under ObamaCare, just take a look at our VA. If you want a look at the world under a liberal utopia, look at FIFA, the UN, or any other international body, like the World Bank. The U.S. is the piggy bank for corrupt international organizations who dislike us.

That is why Obama is so consumed with forming another international coalition of taxing authorities to save us from the dubious prospect of temperatures rising two degrees. It’s the Y2K of scaring people into spending money on something that is not going to happen. Unbiased scientists who have studied it have determined that climate change will become the leading cause of world conferences in 30 years.

Delegates at the Paris conference on global warming agreed to agree in the future to maybe do something on carbon emissions. They tackled another important matter by reaching a consensus that Khloe should take Lamar back.

Obama is feathering his post-presidency nest by trying to form an international global warming organization. Carter built houses and Clinton formed his foundation to shake down folks for money that he hardly gives away. Obama will do what he does best: create a false narrative, tax everyone, waste the money on scant results, and proclaim he saved the world.

To be fair, those on the right have their scare tactics, too. They trump up the fear of ISIS invading us and want to go to war with every country that snarls at us. Keep in mind that, since 9/11/2001, an average of about six Americans per year have been killed on U.S. soil by terrorists. Contrast that to 20 per year killed by cows and 58 per year killed by bees and wasps. WASPs would be more of a problem, but the Obama administration has been trying to “degrade and destroy” us since the day he was elected.

Since the World Cup soccer scandal broke, with Swiss officials and our FBI arresting Sepp Blatter on charges of bribery, corruption, deception and years of accepting kickbacks, he was re-elected as President of FIFA. Hillary and Bill Clinton were impressed and are considering Sepp Blatter as her new campaign chairman.

In Sepp Blatter’s defense, his election was just a few months after his arrest. The votes had already been paid for.

A libertarian op-ed humorist and award-winning author, Ron’s a frequent guest on CNN. He can be contacted at or @RonaldHart on Twitter.