POOCH SCOOP: Yappy New Year

P.A. DeFrenza Pooch Scoop
Deputy Tim Patterson and his police K9 Dax.

Canine Hero’s: If you attended The Pooch Palooza event at the Destin Dog park, you should remember the amazing K-9 cop demonstration by the Okaloosa Sheriff’s K-9 Unit. One of the event dogs “Dax,” handled by Officer Patterson, was recently seriously injured while doing his job searching for a burglary suspect in Destin. Deputy Tim Patterson and Dax arrived to assist in searching a home when Dax fell through an attic on the third floor, landing on concrete approximately 30 feet below. It’s hard to believe he even lived through a 30 foot fall, but he did. Dax was transported to Pensacola for surgery for a broken leg. He is expected to recover from his injuries and lives at home with the Patterson family.

Snoop Dog: Anyone with any information on any crime is asked to call the Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office at 651-7400. Or call the Emerald Coast Crime Stoppers at 850-863-TIPS.

A Pooch Pawdicure? Yip, Yap, keep those nails trimmed short. Long nails can cause an array of orthopedic problems. My dog was walking, tripped forward and fell. I trimmed down her nails and immediately she was prancing around again like a pup. Nail clippers that cut the nail are not easy to use and dogs hate them. I’ve found that the easiest way to keep nails short is by using a Dremmel. You can find them at Walmart, Lowes, Home Depot, etc. It has a rotary head with a changeable sand paper ring on it. Take your dog for a long walk or play ball, just get him tired out. When the dog is resting turn the Dremmel on low and pet the dog, offer a treat, so it associates the sound with positive reinforcements. Next pick up a foot, gently push on a foot pad to extend the nail & glide the rotary sand paper under the tip of the nail to grind it shorter. Stop, pet, and give a treat. Only trim each nail a little bit the first time and next month it should take you five minutes to trim down all those nails easily. Sometimes, with nervous dogs, I tap gently on their forehead with one finger to distract them. You can always ask a groomer or your vet to teach you how to use a Dremmel. DIY (Do it yourself) saves $$ and it’s easy to do at home.

Find Fido by Phone: Do you own an escape artist dog? Keep your dog and others safe by tracking him down simply by using your phone. The TRACKR is sold at Best Buy & Staples or call 1-800-850-9104.

Tuckers Tales: Dogs will warn you of impending weather but to get the emergency weather scoop delivered to your home phone or cell phone, contact 850-651-7150 or go online to www. co. and click Public Safety, then scroll down to Code Red Residential data update- community notification enrollment, and click on Alert types. Tornados can happen at any time, so be prepared.

Lacys Licks: Like shopping? Many stores will allow you to bring your furry kids with you, but call first to ask. Never leave your dog in the car while shopping, no matter what the weather conditions are. Thieves will steal your Prada pooch as quickly as they will steal your Prada purse.

Dog N Dine? Any local restaurant with an outdoor seating area usually welcomes pooches with lots of smooches. The Village at Baytown Wharf also has meandering bayside trails that are dog friendly and offer watering areas. The HarborWalk at the Emerald Grand has plenty of doggie dining options and Harry T’s even has a preferred pooch seating section on the water. Enjoy a Pooch Hooch cocktail to help Alaqua.

Destin Dog Park: It's for you and Fido too but it relies on your donations to maintain as it is self-funded. Please feed the donation box at the Park regularly or use the PayPal option on the City of Destin official website at

Chow for now.

P.A. DeFrenza, a.k.a The Destin Dog Whisperer/Pooch Scoop Reporter, is a resident of Destin, freelance writer and American Red Cross volunteer. Send your upcoming pawsome news and/or events to