HART: Do the Clintons or Trump treat women poorly?

Ron Hart
Ron Hart

Hillary Clinton, now that she knows Donald Trump is her opponent, had the New York Times do a hit piece on him this past Sunday on his “women issues.” It’s curious that Trump has been running in the primary against 16 other GOP candidates for over a year, and “the old gray lady” just decided to run the piece.

I read the piece, and it’s a floundering reach to make him look bad. Trump was way ahead of competitors in promoting women in his organization, and yeah, he was a bachelor at times who liked being around pretty women. Shocker.

The attempted attack on Donald Trump was very wanting in facts, even after interviewing 50 women. The main person the NY Times used for this, an ex-model named Rowanne Brewer Lane, has since said the reporter distorted what she said. She’s a Trump supporter, and said he was “kind, thoughtful and generous.” Another swing and a miss against The Teflon Don.

In short, Trump, while being a 68-year-old man about it, has been fair to women. They did this exhaustive piece on him, going back to his New York Military Academy days in the late 1950’s, and found nothing on him. No smoking gun from the smoking hot women.

Women do, and will increasingly, support Trump as an agent of change. A recent poll said that women in America are angrier than men about the current state of affairs in politics. And if you want to make women even madder, just mention to them that they seem angry.

The left has always treated women worse than the right. They spin it otherwise, but even now they plan on having 100 naked women outside of the GOP Convention in Cleveland posing for an artist to distract. Or maybe that is the only way to get people to come to Cleveland, Ohio, but you get the point.

Politico reported that left wing website “Vote Trump, Get Dumped” has been trying to get women to pledge to withhold sex from any boyfriend who says they plan to vote for Trump. This goes against tradition. The norm in America is that a woman must be married before she can withhold sex.

Compare the nothingness that Trump did while dating to Bill Clinton’s sexploits and the way Hillary viciously went after all his accusers. His list of treating women badly range from rape allegations of Juanita Broadrick, to just plain disrespect of Jennifer Flowers, Paula Jones, Monica Wilensky and countless others the Clinton henchmen tamped down who didn’t get past their press. Trump did not treat his mistresses that way, he married them.

Bill Clinton was impeached for being an ally cat and lying. Hypocrycritally so, by a triumbred of “family values Republicans” multi-marriage aficionado Newt Gingrich, Rep. Livingston who had to step down over his affairs, and to put a nice crescendo recently on the moral majority, Speaker Denny Hastert, who just went to prison for going after high school boys. Talk about “people in glass houses …”

Then, Bill Clinton was later disbarred for perjury around the Monica-matter. The whole time, Hillary attacked Bill’s accusers, sent her secret police after them and did all she could not to let these “bimbo eruptions” derail her outsized political ambitions.

For Hillary and Bill Clinton to say that Trump has treated women unfairly is like Jared the Subway guy telling you you’re creeping him out. Hillary Clinton fretted more about who was nicknamed “Deep Throat” around their White House than Richard Nixon did.

Hillary says she and Bill have worked out their issues over the years. She said they “communicate now.” But they communicated back then too, mostly her shrill voice through a locked bedroom door. In fact, to this date, the only known antidote Viagra has for their medicine working longer than four hours is showing the guy a picture of Hillary Clinton.

This all reminds me of the Dixon Diaz cartoon going around that sums up the left. It depicts a liberal Democrat woman talking to a man. The man says to her, “I don’t believe that women have any rights, and I think gays should be hanged.” She says, “Wow, what a complete ass you are, you must be a Republican.” He says “No, actually I’m a Muslim, and those are my religious beliefs.” She then looks embarrassed and apologetically says, “Oh! I’m sorry! I hope you do not think I’m Islamophobic!”

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