HART: An ADD summary of recent events

Ron Hart
Ron Hart

There are so many things going on. Since I am on vacation, I’ll just summarize:

The TSA fired its head recently, as its petulant slowdown in an attempt to get more funding caused airport security lines to be up to three hours long. Any unionized government agency cannot compete with the capabilities of the free market. Don’t even ask how the TSA-run hedge fund has done.

Obama tried to celebrate the fifth anniversary of his “legacy,” Obamacare. His staff brought him a rich white chocolate cake with five candles on it. Instead of blowing out the candles, he ordered a DOJ investigation, and then taxed and regulated the candles until they gave up on their own.

North Carolina, Texas and other Southern states sued the Obama administration on its sudden obsession with, and intrusive guidelines on, transgender “rights.” The first black president is having his federal government tell Southerners which bathrooms they can use. To us Southerners, this seems way too much like payback. He knows this type of transgender in-your-face stuff makes the GOP nuts, so he keeps doing it. In Obama’s last executive action, I see him making the Village People’s “YMCA” our national anthem.

Hillary Clinton will not debate Bernie Sanders, so Donald Trump said he would. Some say it’s a promotional stunt and that Trump is getting way ahead of himself. The debate will take place at the Donald Trump Presidential Library, Golf Resort and Casino in Atlantic City.

Obama continues pursuing his racial bucket list as a lame duck president. He has now officially banned the words “Oriental” and “Negro” in federal documents. The decree briefly caused concern in Atlanta until rap song writers realized they do not write federal documents.

Taking its cue from Obama, Hollywood is focusing on race with a remake of “Roots.” The film starts shooting next year and has already won eight Oscars.

One of the many corrupt world organizations, soccer’s FIFA, had further controversy this week. CFO Markus Kattner was forced to resign after it was found that he stole money. As with other soccer officials, when authorities came to arrest him, he dramatically fell to the floor and pretended to be hurt.

Hillary takes criticism well — just not of herself — and facts become less and less important to her over time. She got word of a scathing State Department Inspector General’s report that confirms the illegality of what she did with her emails. She refused to be interviewed for this federal investigation, and said that if they want her to speak, they will have to do what everyone else does: pay the Clinton Foundation $350,000 in small, unmarked bills.

Trump still has not gained traction with Hispanics. Everyone presumes he will not do well with them in November because he wants to defend our borders and build a wall. Latinos even ridiculed him when he reached out to them on Cinco de Mayo with a tweet showing him eating a taco salad and saying he “loves the Mexicans.” There might be a mixed message there. A taco salad is just a salad with a manmade wall around it.

Trump continues to kill it in the ratings. A study said that couples watching TV turn up the volume when Trump comes on, because when you are married, turning off the television is not an option.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who is as enchanting as a Porta-Potty in August, continues to favor Hillary. This sets up a fight by Sanders supporters at the Democrat convention in Philadelphia. And Sanders rolls into California, where they love him. They even have a true-to-life, Bernie Sanders action figure doll there. It’s so authentic that it takes half the stuff of the richer dolls in the store.

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