READY OR NOT: What is so rare as a day in June?

Mary Ready
Mary Ready

The poet James Russell Lowell may have pondered the many rare days in June, but for most of us, all we can ponder is that Father’s Day is in there somewhere (June 19), and it’s probably somebody’s wedding anniversary since it’s the month lots of folks get married. The patriotic among us know that Flag Day also comes this month and will fly the flag on the porch to show respect for Old Glory. It’s the 14th, by the way.

But we may overlook it’s the month for aquariums, candy, dairy products, Gay Pride, accordion awareness, adopt a cat, roses, and turkey lovers … to name a few of the month-long observances.

The first seven days of June is National Fishing Week with Email Awareness following on week two.

Of the daily celebrations and observances, there are 59 official special days to mark on the June calendar, at least one or two of which may mean something to somebody somewhere.

I’ll list as many as I can until I use up my 750 column words.

June 1 brings Dare Day and Flip a Coin Day. June 2 is a special day for those named Bubba. It’s also Rocky Road Ice Cream Day. Those who really like donuts may celebrate them on the 3rd, and lovers of Applesauce Cake can celebrate the next day along with those who hug their cats and those who are Old Maids.

World Environment Awareness is on the 5th while exercising in your garden (or with your yo-yo) has a special day on the 6th.

The Muslim Holy Day of Ramadan in the ninth month of the Islamic calendar begins on June 6.

On the 7th, there is National Chocolate Ice Cream Day. The next day, the 8th, is set aside for enjoying your best friend’s company. June 9th is to appreciate Donald Duck.

On the 10th, one should drink ice tea and on the 11th, eat corn on the cob. Gather red roses the next day, and then admire your sewing machine the day after that.

The 14th is National Flag Day. Fly the colors proudly!

The 15th is for smiling; the 16th and the 17th for eating veggies; the 18th is for going fishing, having a panic attack or a picnic, eating sushi, hollering for no reason, splurging on something you want, and taking up juggling.

Wow! June 18 is a busy day.

Father’s Day is Sunday, the 19th, but so is National Kissing Day. I wish I could still kiss my dad.

The 20th marks the official beginning of summer, but it also marks Ice Cream Soda Day.

The 21st brings International Yoga Day followed on the 22nd by National Chocolate Éclair Day, which may become one of my personal favorites.

June 23rd is a very special day set aside to appreciate, praise, and adore your local newspaper columnist. You may send me well wishes and chocolate eclairs in care of The Destin Log.

Take your dog to work on the 24th and eat catfish on the 25th. On the 26th, take the day to appreciate your beautician, and on the 27th, National Forgiveness Day, forgive someone who’s done you wrong (even if they’re not the least bit sorry).

The 28th is for fans of Paul Bunyan to celebrate his legacy. Remember? He was the mythical king of lumberjacks, an American folk hero along with his trusty companion Babe the Blue Ox.

The 29th is Hug Day and Waffle Iron Day, but try not to hug your waffle iron until it’s cooled off.

Then finish up the June celebrations by observing National Meteor Day on the 30th.

I didn’t list all the June “holidays,” and some were even sillier and more bizarre than those I did list.

Obviously, June has many rare days. Maybe you will pick one or two or three and make a special day out of it, whether it’s hugging your cat, going fishing, gathering red roses, enjoying an ice cream soda, having lunch with your best friend or any of the quirky things you can do to celebrate life.

I’m reminded of the scripture that tells us “This is the day that the Lord has made. I will be glad and rejoice in it.”

May you rejoice every day this month and all the months of the year.

Mary Ready of Destin is a twice-retired English teacher and long-time area resident. Her columns are published on Saturdays.