HART: Conventions this time are unconventional

Ron Hart
Ron Hart

Donald Trump and his family took charge of the GOP Convention last week. His sons, Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump Jr., and daughter Ivanka Trump Jr., were great. I kid, but if anyone else were to name all his kids "Donald Trump Jr." in a George Foreman-style child naming scheme, it would be Donald Trump.

One thing was clear: Against the backdrop of immense wealth, which often makes raising good kids harder, The Donald has raised some good ones.

The liberal media were on heightened alert to jump on anything Trump did. It was show time — and serious — for CNN, which elevated its investigative drive-by media reporters to Full Blitzer, knowing they could rest later at the DNC convention. But nothing came of it. It turned out that the Trumps are a solid and rather normal family. "Bummer," says MSNBC, "Well, we can continue to call them racist, since they are white."

Ivanka Trump wore a $138 dress and looked post-baby great. Contrast that to Hillary Clinton, who gave a speech in New York on income inequality in a $12,485 Giorgio Armani tweed jacket. Aside from the fact that Hillary always looks like she has her jacket on backwards, this tells the real story. People who earn their own money spend it wisely. Grifters like Hillary, who pretend to care about the "little people," have no qualms wearing ostentatious $12,000-plus outfits. The way that outfit looked on Hillary, Armani must be planning on getting a Department of Defense contract to make tents.

During the GOP convention, Trump had great African-American speakers, presumably because polls in swing states show that Trump is polling at less than 1 percent with blacks. I examined those poll numbers, and they seem high.

African-Americans long ago sold out to the Democrat Party, no matter what it does. This is sad and not well thought-out. I hope some of them see Dinesh D'Souza's new documentary, Hillary’s America; it documents out how, from Abraham Lincoln to now, Republicans were the real champions for black causes.

Democrats control their blind loyalty by repeating lies about Republicans, so blacks are a lost cause for Trump. However, he is counting on getting some Mexican legal immigrant support, since they tend to be like Republicans: hard-working, entrepreneurial and family-oriented. And once they become more assimilated and have to do all these U.S. holidays with the family, they might warm to the idea of a wall to keep their in-laws out of America.

Debbie “Blabbermouth” Schultz, who reminds every American male of the ex-wife from hell, was caught cheating Bernie Sanders and fired from the DNC. We all know her “Super-delegate system” is rigged to help the old political hacks. Yet, in the grand tradition of Lois Lerner Democrat ethics, Wasserman did not lose her job. Hillary hired her, not for her personality, for her silence. This should outrage all Americans. There are two things we Americans can no longer handle: arrogant, out-of-touch politicians and portion control.

Debbie Wasserman-Schultz continued to do what Democrats do best: deny. She said, “I was fair to both Hillary Rodham Clinton and Bernie Unelectable Sanders … I mean Bernie Sanders.” What sort of crazy primaries do the Republicans run, allowing an outsider with the most votes to win?

This is why Bernie supporters, who value authenticity, won’t willingly get into the get-away clown car Hillary is driving.

The GOP convention had themes: Make America Safe, Work, First, Great, etc. The Democrats had to come up with a convention theme, too. I suggested room service and hookers charged to lobbyists. But they seldom listen to me.

The first night Bernie Sanders showed up at the Democratic Convention, he wandered onstage in his bathrobe. And Michelle Obama said, “Don’t let anyone tell you this country is not great.” I must have missed the day she became “proud of her country.” Maybe it was on her first $5 million vacation to Spain on Air Force One.

The Democrats will continue their hollow refrain that anyone not for them is therefore a racist. Remember when Obama said at a previous DNC convention, “There is no black America, no white America, no Latino America …"? Well, after seven years of Obama, there is now.

This will be an interesting election. Watch Hillary and The Donald debate in Las Vegas in October. It should favor Hillary, since Las Vegas is a city whose whole existence is based on people making bad decisions. Advantage: Hillary.

A libertarian op-ed humorist and award-winning author, Ron’s a frequent guest on CNN. He can be contacted at or @RonaldHart on Twitter.