POOCH SCOOP: Here’s the scoop of the day

P.A. DeFrenza
Destin resident Keegan Wheeler has fun at the Destin Dog Park with “Caddy,” a black and white Brittany.

Tuckers Tales — God may have given man dominion over the animals but whether intended or not, it’s canines that have shown mankind the true meaning of unconditional love.

Pooch park pal? You can join the Friends of the Destin Dog Park as a volunteer for one of the many fun-filled upcoming events. The big event, “The Pooch Palooza,” is in November and needs vendors. You can help by hunting around town for prospects and guiding them to the Facebook page for the scoop.

Doggie dementia? Yip, yap, sadly dogs can get senile as they age. Dogs today are living longer than ever and can develop Canine Cognitive Dysfunction, which is a syndrome that’s similar to Alzheimer’s in humans. Hunting for clues, I’ve noticed a few tell-tale signs in my own furry ole timers. Here are a few symptoms you should report to your veterinarian for evaluation — decreased family interactions, staring at a wall to go outside, lower activity levels, seems to be confused, hearing or vision issues, and frequent lapses in a previously completely housebroken dog.

Woof: Any dog at any age should be seen by a veterinarian if there is any change in their normal behaviors.

Health insurance for dogs? Having a four legged family member is a big investment when adding up food costs, annual checkups, medications, inoculations, heart worm preventatives, flea and tick products and illness/injury veterinary care. One surgery can cost thousands. Ask your vet what insurance they recommend or check out this site: No need to hunt, just click on Travel & Insurance and scroll down to pet insurance. Some companies pay up to 100 percent of vet expenses but, like people, policies, age and coverage can affect premiums. Woof: EMBRACE got a 5 star rating and Pet Assure covers older dogs with health problems. Before choosing, read reviews and call them.

Plan to get a dog? Please read about the breeds at and choose the right breed for your family. If you are going to an adoption event, deny your impulsiveness for the puppies and adorable adult dogs that are tugging at your heartstrings. Choosing the wrong breed can cause more problems than joy. Dog adoption agencies want forever homes. Alaqua Animal Refuge has people that can help match you and your family with the perfect breed at

Destin Pooch Palooza — Arts and crafts vendors can reserve a space by filling out registration forms at for the event from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Nov. 12. Volunteers wanted.

Lacys Licks — No hot dogs! Don’t forget that it’s too hot for dogs to stay in a car, even for a few minutes. Walking on hot streets and sidewalks can burn our paws, so please take us to the dog park to run and play.

Chow for now,

Your furriendly furry four legged pooch reporters, Tucker and Lacy Freebush.

PA DeFrenza, Destin resident, freelance writer, and The Pooch Scoop News reporter. Send your upcoming pawsome news and/or events to