HART: Basket of debatables — NBC assists Hillary

Ron Hart
Ron Hart

The first of the high-stakes debates between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump ended with the big loser being a fair media.

Hillary Clinton was robotic and scripted. She obfuscated when she had to, knowing NBC’s Lester Holt had her back. The “moderator” interrupted Trump 41 times and Clinton only seven. Each was a baiting, leftist agenda-driven interruption.

Moderator Holt wrongly tried to fact-check Trump several times during his 41 interruptions — and he was mistaken, most notably on the legality of “stop and frisk” and Donald Trump’s opposition to the Iraq War. Hillary voted for the Iraq War, yet no mention was made of her position. Lester spent his time trying to pin down Trump's flippant “Yea, I guess,” comment made on the Howard Stern Show in 2002.

Together with his NBC (home of Brian Williams and PMS-NBC) handlers, Lester attacked Trump on his taxes, the birther issue, Iraq, his wealth, businesses, racism, temperament, etc. Only 20 seconds were spent on Hillary’s email scandal and none at all on Benghazi, the Clinton Family Crime Foundation, Hillary attacking Bill Clinton’s many sexual accusers, her lying about coming under sniper fire, her lies about her health and her sudden massive wealth. The debate was well orchestrated to keep Trump on the defensive; Lester, NBC and Hillary tag-teamed Trump well.

The topics for the first debate were to be “Securing America, Achieving Prosperity and America’s Direction.” It would have been more accurate to bill the debate as "Cornering Donald Trump." How does Obama’s birth certificate, Donald’s comments about Rosie O’Donnell, his personal taxes and a 2002 Howard Stern show have anything to do with the supposed “topics?”

Thirty four percent of those polled think the debates will be “extremely or quite important.”

I watched some of the debate at a bar, where the sound was off. Trump appeared high energy and looked like he was acting out a Seinfeld episode as Kramer. Hillary appeared angry, in her perpetual state of looking thin-lipped, smug and miffed. Her facial expression looks like you just put your iced drink down on her furniture with no coaster.

Hillary has stuck with the Democrat playbook. Instead of talking about her failed record and discussing ideas, she set about calling her opponent racist, misogynist and any “ist” or “phobic” she can sling. She has called America racist, where “everyone is implicitly biased.”

So Democrats promote the idea that Trump is a racist, and Republicans stick to their theme that Hillary is legally dead. Quite a race on the issues.

This all plays out as the country realizes the logical result of eight years of Obama’s one-sided obsession with race. Charlotte is the latest U.S. city stoked to riots and looting. The NBA Store was first to be looted and then came Target, where they took everything except Garth Brooks’ new CD and the work boots.

The latest trend is for kids in big cities like Baltimore, where homicide is up 60 percent (murders in big cities are up 31 percent in the last two years), to defiantly kneel during our National Anthem. It’s a win-win for inner-city kids: they show disrespect for our country, and by kneeling they are less likely to get hit by a gang member’s stray bullet.

If life-long politician Hillary loses, she has no backup career plan. The Clinton Crime Family Foundation scam has about run its course, her health is questionable, and all the angry ex-wife movie roles have been taken by Jane Fonda. Hillary might have to enroll in Trump University on the quick to become an EMT.

If ratings are not good, when Fox hosts the last debate the topics will be: Bill Clinton’s bimbos, Melania Trump‘s "early modeling photos" and if Hillary can pass a polygraph.

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