CYNERGY: Newfangled nouveau nails prevail

Cynthia Burton
Cynthia Burton

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you see these words: private showing. I think of a private showing as an opening night movie premiere for Hollywood celebrities. A private showing may be an exclusive art gallery opening for affluent collectors or a clothing designer’s seasonal presentation for high profile clients. I’m pretty sure Las Vegas hosts private showings but what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

I bought some nail polish that appeared to be pale natural. Upon closer inspection, the label read “Private Showing.” What? For cryin’ out loud! Used to be that when your nail color was complimented, your reply was “Thanks! It’s beige.” Nowadays, polishes not only have exotic names, but they are chip proof, crack proof, gel coated, jelly-like, armor coated and under coated. They are available in different finishes: matte, high gloss, low gloss, super shiny and iridescent. This ain’t your momma’s nail polish, ya’all!

I googled the uber popular OPI brand of nail lacquer (it’s lacquer folks — not polish). Here are some of the unique (and provocative) colors you can try: An Affair in Red Square, Kiss Me On My Tulips, Show Us Your Tips, Up Front and Personal, Yank My Doodle and Makes Men Blush.

Collections are common. Take for instance New Orleans, Retro Summer, Hello Kitty and Washington, D.C. The Alice Through The Looking Glass collection features Fearlessly Alice, Mad For Madness Sake, What Time Isn’t It and A Mirror Escape. I would love to devise clever names for nail polish — oops — I mean lacquer. OPI: call me. We’ll discuss MY personal collection aptly named “Can’t Remember Sh*t." It will consist of My Mind Is Wandering & I Can’t Find It, What’s Your Name Again, Forget Me Not, and Fuhgeddaboutit. Next season’s collection? Menopausal Moments in Hot Flash Fuchsia, Moody Mauve and Angry Amber. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention my forthcoming Emerald Coast compilation: Tropical Storm Teal, Traffic Jam Tan, Snowbird Scarlet, Golf Course Green, Bikini Brown, Parasail Pink and Wind & Waves White.

Nail shapes are individual as the individual. Choices abound, like ballerina point, rounded, square rounded, pointed almond, squared oval, etc. Nail art is extremely popular. Virtually any color, design, or image can be applied. “Plain Jane” nails can be transformed to “Vain Jane” with rhinestones, glitter and nail jewelry. The manicure business is a flourishing, multi-billion industry. Your manicurist is your accessories advisor and your artist. He or she knows that your manicure is a sure cure.

So get your manicure on. Let newfangled nails prevail.

Cynthia Burton is a Destin resident and former U.S. Marine.