CYNERGY: Still good to the last drop

Cynthia Burton
Cynthia Burton

Good to the last drop. Some of you will remember that maxim from Folger’s commercials long ago. In a world swirling with a plethora of coffee collections and selections, I remain a loyal fan of Folger’s Classic Roast. I know what you’re saying right about now: boring!

I’ve sampled the savory samples of the java jungle. I’ve ventured into the semi-exotic realms of stomach friendly, gourmet, flavored and breakfast blend. Country roast, simply smooth, black silk, Brazilian and lively Colombian have not escaped my discerning palate. However, I have yet to try one of Starbucks infinite varieties boasting caffe misto, clover brewed, cold brew, sweet cream cold brew and iced coffee. However, their seasonal offering of pumpkin spiced latte is a tradition I revel in. Ring in autumn with pumpkin spiced latte, dear readers.

Naturally, the coffee craze has spawned loads of humorous quotes. “Ways to win my heart: Buy me coffee, make me coffee, be coffee.” “Drink coffee: do stupid things faster with more energy.” “Low battery: need caffeine.” “A yawn is a silent scream for coffee.” “No coffee, no workee.” “Coffee is a magic liquid that turns terrible days into bearable days.”

I have fond memoirs of the old fashioned drip coffee pot, the kind with a glass knob on top where you could see the coffee percolate to the top. Yes, it was labor intensive: spooning the ground coffee out with a tablespoon from a tin can, loading the tin coffee filter (no paper filter), placing the spindle of the filter just so into the bottom, securing the lid, and finally placing the pot directly on to the stove burner. Labor intensive? Maybe so compared to popping the pod into the Keurig and pressing a button. No matter the method, the welcoming aroma of freshly perked coffee is enticing.

Some of the early brands I recall from my childhood in the Midwest are Beech Nut, Sanka, Yuban, Butternut, Maxwell House, and of course, Folger’s. I came across a brand on the internet called Devil’s Brew, and the caption urged, “Wake the hell up!” Coffee preparation evolved into freeze dried (Taster’s Choice anyone?), grinding your own beans, single serve packets and the now popular pods. Coffee pots have morphed into the elegant (and expensive) Keurig, DelOnghi Compact Magnifica, Primular Pace, Rancilio Egra and Breville. I have a Mr. Coffee, thank you very much.

Wake up and smell the coffee! Pour me a cup of Folger’s. Still good to the last drop.

Cynthia Burton is a Destin resident and former U.S. Marine.