CYNERGY: I’m a die-hard for the gift card

Cynthia Burton

I finished my Christmas shopping Dec. 4. Woo hoo! I know. I’m an overachiever and a bit obsessive. Not to mention, a compulsive shopper. But I’m done shopping, and now I can relax and enjoy the holiday season with a bit less stress and a whole lot of relief. Sounds like I’ve coined some new holiday coffee flavors: Little Less Stress decaf and Whole Lotta Relief latte.

I’m not a diehard Black Friday shopper. I don’t condemn those who are. After all, they get the bargains of the century first hand and first come, first serve. There is definitely a method to their madness (and genius). The same goes for pumped up Cyber Monday fans. They get a jump on the competition and a bump up on fantastic deals. More power to them!

The secret to a good portion of my gift giving is gift cards. I know what family members like out west in California and in the heartland of Missouri. I’ve had years to become familiar with their particular likes and dislikes. I enjoy the ease of selecting and mailing the cards. They enjoy opening the gift card from Cynthia in sunny Florida. My gifts delight them every time: if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. I do like to stick a few presents under the tree — not gift cards —– but boxed, wrapped presents. I would miss the joyful holiday wrapping paper and bright bows, and my tree would look bare beneath the boughs. What’s a Christmas tree without presents, for Santa’s sake?

Just about anywhere, you will find the holy grail of gift cards just waiting for you to pounce on them. Some that I purchased were Group On, Amazon, Target, Bonefish, AMC Theater, Shell, Dollar General, Beall’s and MasterCard. The variety is awesome. There’s a card for everything and everyone. I remember when they were kind of a novelty, do you? To their credit, these omnipresent bits of plastic save time, effort and anxiety. The only anxiety you may experience is which gift card to select.

For yours truly, gift cards are not the easy way out or what to give when in doubt. I buy with purpose and principle. I’m sincere and earnest when giving one. Easy breezy. One and done. Fantastic plastic. I am a die-hard for the gift card. On your mark, get ready, go get a gift card!

Cynthia Burton is a Destin resident and former U.S. Marine.