HART: Why the ‘memo’ should scare everyone

Ron Hart
Ron Hart

We have grown an alphabet soup of powerful agencies like the FBI, DHS, NSA, DOJ, IRS, etc. We invest them with immense powers to arrest and to ruin lives, with scant accountability. We allow them to operate in clubby secrecy because they tell us we have to. Why? When Congress (which supposedly has oversight) subpoenas them, they do not respond. Everyone is afraid to speak critically of them, as the critics might become targets. What have we created?

This “memo,” which documents how the Democrats weaponized the FBI for political purposes, is cause for reflection and reform. Thanks to the “Steele Dossier,” a best-selling book about him, and these Intelligence Committee memos, Trump is riding high. Soon he will take credit for Making America Read Again.

My dad was in law enforcement; I have respect for the rank and file. But these abuses were committed by the entrenched political class of swamp-rat leadership at the FBI and DOJ. Most of them were the result of eight years of Democrat influence, padding the appointed management hallways with hyper-political bureaucrats, all pandering for the promotion attention of what they thought was a certain Hillary Clinton presidential win.

The FBI has 35,000 employees and an $8.4 billion budget. That is $240,000 per employee. They were involved in about 10,000 convictions a year. That cost us $840,000 per conviction — before DOJ prosecution and incarceration costs. We probably spend over $1 mil per conviction. In a nation with the highest percent of its citizens in jail, maybe we ought to rethink this. We are 4.4 percent of the world’s population and we have 22 percent of the world’s prisoners. If you give government this many agencies, money, and vast and unaccountable powers, more of us will be arrested.

It shouldn’t, but it scares me to write that last paragraph.

The reality is that, if you give Ex-FBI Director Mueller $15 million, a big Democrat donor staff, and all our laws-layered-upon-laws in America, he will get 90 percent of us if he wants to. It is like a policeman tailing your car for 1,000 miles: He will eventually find a reason to arrest you.

Neither Hillary nor any political enemy needs to be harassed as a blood sport by this government morass.

The delusional James Comey keeps Tweeting, trying to defend himself. He said, “Not a lot of schools or streets named for Joe McCarthy,” trying somehow to tie Trump to McCarthyism. Weird, because Joe McCarthy ruined countless lives with a witch hunt about Russia collusion. Who then is really the McCarthy? How could our ex-FBI director be so wrong? Without 35,000 FBI employees covering for him, reality prevails.

Even liberal lawyer Alan Dershowitz says, “Criminalizing political differences hurts democracy.” And GOP congressmen are mute as this governmental blunt object is swung. We must stand up to politically motivated prosecutions. Should America die next week, it would be a shame if the FBI investigation said, "There were no signs of struggle."

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