RON HART: Loretta Lynch testifies before NBC’s Lester Holt

Ron Hart
Ron Hart

Former Attorney General Loretta Lynch shopped for a soft interview to preemptively rebut former FBI Director James Comey's upcoming book. When “Deep State” swamp rats fight, a lot is confirmed about what we know regarding the corruption at the political top of the FBI and DOJ.

On Monday, Lynch found the softest of softball pitchers, Lester Holt of MS-NBC lineage. The interview in Lynch's apartment was so chummy that she and Holt were just about to pull out their high school yearbooks, do each other’s hair and talk about boys.

The media has tried to put in the past all the political weaponization of our government against its opponents for the last eight years, so that it finally becomes a question on "Jeopardy.”

Loretta Lynch thought Hillary would be elected and she could retire to some job teaching one college class for $350k a year while simultaneously complaining about the cost of higher education. Or she could just be revered by the left, showing up at baseball games and ceremoniously throwing out the Second Amendment. Trump has upset the D.C. applecart.

Once Special Counsel Mueller finishes hiring Clinton Foundation cronies and Democratic donor staff attorneys to investigate Trump on “collusion,” Mueller might have to go look at the real crimes. Yes, the media and the “swamp” set off all of these false narratives to destroy the president. But as I have said from the beginning in my columns, it might disappoint them just which president they end up getting.

It comes down to two things. Why didn’t Lynch indict Hillary Clinton's campaign for using the fake Russian dossier to obtain a FISA Court warrant to investigate the Trump campaign? And why did Lynch secretly meet with Bill Clinton when both their jets were on the tarmac in Phoenix?

Maybe they really did have a private conversation for almost an hour “about their grandkids,” because her husband showed up. We know 70-plus-year-old Clinton, with heart issues, loves playing golf in Phoenix in 107 degree temperatures. He "just happened" to be there.

The Clintons have skirted capture since their days in Arkansas. They are the Bonnie and Clyde of politics and, like those old criminal bank robbers, when you stick up so many banks in broad daylight for that long, folks start pulling for you.

Hillary also had U.S. state secrets on her private server. She destroyed 33,000 emails, bleach-bitted her emails, and smashed cellphones. No feds knocked down her doors like they did Michael Cohen's for paying a porn star not to talk. To sum up, take top secret government emails and destroy evidence under subpoena — no problem. Enter into a binding legal contract with a porn star to be quiet and the FBI Gestapo ignores attorney client privilege and kicks down your door.

Even the left has to realize and fear that with all the layered and vague laws in this country, anyone's life can be ruined at any time with an indictment. It was reported that just to get a call from the feds in an investigation costs you $50k in attorney's fees. It cost Michael Flynn his house, so he was forced to cop a procedural plea.

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