Overheard on the web: Cell towers and residential storage

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The Destin Log

The Log recently posted two stories that saw quite a bit of chatter on social media. Here's what folks had to say about the removal of cell towers along Scenic Hwy. 98 and proposed regulations that would restrict outdoor storage in residential communities.

Cell Tower removal

Piper Prendergast After suffering the worst cell service ever this summer with my AT&T service, I was getting ready to switch to the only service that works great...Verizon. Now what will this do for their service? Bad move Destin City Council! Get with the times!

Matthew Kuka: Booo! all those that were for their removal, can never complain about cell reception ever again.

Denise Carnine McDowell: Not sure where they expect to put these towers in beach cities... I think most peeps would rather their devices work than worrying about towers blending in with palm trees!! Dumb!!

Cyndi Rizzo: This is ridiculous. Cell phone service is awful out there, especially in the busy season. They're not even noticeable towers.

Catherine Soccoa Starace: Yay.

Greg Schmidt: Everyone wants good cell reception, except in their back yards. A bunch of NIMBY's.

Jennifer Brewer Yeager: Good

Anastasia Chernetska: Good bye cell phone reception!

Jerry Tumlin: Great. Now when will they remove all the condos that are along the water. They're ten times worse than a cell tower.

Keith Harris: A step in the right direction to preserve the coast line.

Mike Martin: Another step backwards for Destin. Horse-drawn buggies can't be far off.

Outdoor storage regulations in residential communities

Lana Tovornik: Definitely. It just plain looks trashy.

Clifford A Atwell: I don't think so I think as tax payers and residents that own our property we should be able to put what we want on it the government and the city and county control enough of our lives!

Judi Stokes: To much Government.

Jacob Allen: This is Destin, and a good majority of us that live in Destin aren't making 6 figure salaries. Some of us own boats, and try to use them at our leisure, but with the cost of owning/maintaining one, on a local salary, some can't afford to have a spare garage built on our property just to hold the boat.

Brent Andrew Tucker: Yes please our community is so negatively by the oversized trash that no one can get rid of.

Jolene Williams: Destin is here because of poor, average, non-wealthy people. All the glamour and glitz is not Destin.

Bob Strongarms: If they are usable...no. If they are broken down heaps...yes.

Eric Scott Pisiewski: We pay taxes and own our houses. Who are you to tell us what we can and can't put in our yards. Especially if you don't have an hoa!

Johnny Wykoff: This house is in my neighborhood. It doesn't bother me, but I don't cut my grass every week either. If you don't like it don't look at it.