LETTER: U.S. on the brink: Why Obama must go

Staff Writer
The Destin Log

We are fast approaching the line in the sand when it comes to selecting our president for the next four years.

The main thread that is holding President Obama ahead in some polls is he has shown his power by ignoring duly passed laws and substituting his own executive orders. Examples being the race card by changing the illegal alien laws, his support of union leaders, the attack on businesses and families that make more than $250,000 and left leaning news media spewing their own personal feelings to the American people. These are some of the people counting on him to take care of them for the next four years and beyond, resulting in class warfare. The president has shown his power by ignoring the rule of law and substituting it with his own executive orders. As expressed by Dr. Thomas Sowell, “When a president can ignore the plain language of duly passed laws, and substitute his own executive orders, then we no longer have ‘a government of laws, and not of men’ but a president ruling by decree, like the dictator in some banana republic.” “If laws passed by the elected representatives of the people can be simply over-ruled unilaterally by whoever is in the White House, then we are no longer a free people, choosing what laws we want to live under.” This is the most important election in my lifetime as a mother, grandmother and great-grandmother. Our great country is on the brink of being destroyed as a leader of the free world. Look at the Middle East and see how we are being attacked after we have lost so many of our sons and daughters in war and conflict while trying to help these countries get rid of their dictators. Little is being done to protect us from Iran building nuclear weapons while our military is on the brink of being downsized. We cannot afford another four years of President Obama and the Democrats who support him. We must replace him with Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan. We also must replace the far left socialist politicians who support the Obama agenda.

Peggy Herbig Destin