LETTER: Scandal in Washington? Sadly, this is not just TV

Staff Writer
The Destin Log

Washington is not new to scandal — on the contrary. But the Petraeus scandal makes Clinton look like an altar boy.

The writers at ABC must have worked in Washington prior to releasing their television program "Scandal." The program is centered around D.C. politicians and the scandalous involvements in which they find themselves. The consequences of their behavior is somehow diverted by a "fixer" to prevent a fall from grace or the undoing of the position they hold. “Scandal” is an interesting program to watch on Thursday nights, after Grey's Anatomy, of course — but not in real time and real life.

General Petraeus' poor judgment is an embarrassment to our country and military. Time wasted in sending inappropriate emails could have been used protecting the ambassador and others serving in the military.

Lies and cover-ups are second nature to Washington, and come at the taxpayers’ expense. The word Intelligence should be removed from Central Intelligence Agency, as there is no level of intelligence taking place in Washington at the present time.

Mrs. Petraeus must have thought, "the military is my husband's mistress and sometimes that woman gets all the attention," a quote more true than she imagined.

If Petraeus faces any charges for his actions, then so should his mistress. The investigation will be an exciting chapter in his biographer’s newest book on how to take down a general.

Sylvia Williams Destin