LETTER: Beach restoration: It’s past time to get it done

Staff Writer
The Destin Log

As I have recently moved here to Destin and have visited all my life, the fact that it has taken so long to see potential for any significant progress on the beach restoration is more than a little frustrating.

The gorgeous beaches in the area are not only one of the biggest draws for tourists, but also help make sure that the buildings don’t fall into the water! If there is ever another large hurricane like Ivan to come through the area, I doubt Destin will be able to recover.

Beaches and sand dunes are a major factor in protecting land during hurricanes. Dunes also help stave erosion, through the rooting of vegetation. Sea turtles also nest in these dunes, and without them there, the area where the eggs are becomes more exposed.

So I really do hope that there aren’t going to be any more legal problems when it comes to the beach restoration this winter.

For more information about beach restoration, click here.

Alexander Hoey Destin