LETTER: Drivers beware

Staff Writer
The Destin Log

If you use Commons Drive in Destin, beware of a highly suspicious speed trap. The deputy sits on the shoulder of the road in front of the lot being cleared for the helicopter pad. You do not stand a chance of passing her without getting ticketed, and she is quite aware of that.

Commons Drive heading eastbound is clearly marked with a speed limit of 35 mph, reasonable for the area. What isn’t reasonable is that when you pass Kelly Plantation Drive that speed limit is reduced to 20 mph. There is no sign indicating “reduced speed ahead” and the first 20 mph sign is totally obstructed by tree limbs and foliage.

It is impossible, even if you notice the sign, to slow to a speed of 20 mph before you reach the location of the deputy.

I have lived here for 12 years and have never noticed a 20 mph sign — that is not an excuse I know, but I question why they are there. That section of road is not as populated with businesses as many other parts. Could it be that the signs are recent? I don’t know that either, but it is a coincidence that this has occurred when we are awaiting the new location of the helicopter tours. 20 mph is a school zone speed in most instances, maybe this one is to allow people to watch the helicopter activities.

I would advise you to beware if you are traveling that road. I was given a ticket for $203 for traveling 31 mph in a 20 mph zone. I saw the deputy, but had no idea I was doing anything wrong. The deputy was also quite rude and she continues to appear at that spot.

I strongly urge the sheriff’s department to look into this complaint as it appears to be “a money making” issue.

Janice M. Zapotocky Destin