LETTER: The Golddiggers are alive and well, Destin

Staff Writer
The Destin Log

I read with great interest your story on “Red” Lyon. His name was familiar to me when I became a member of the Golddiggers (we spell it as one word) shortly after I moved here in 1996, but I did not know of his connection with the snowbirds.

I want to correct an item in your story, though. The Golddiggers are still active!

When “Red” passed away in 1994, the director became Sally Clarke, now deceased. I took over as director in 2000 when Sally could no longer dance.

The Golddiggers perform in area retirement and nursing homes about two or three times per month, sometimes four. We perform for free in these venues, but any donations we receive go to Elder Services of Okaloosa County to help with their work with seniors in this area.

If your readers want to bring joy to shut-ins through entertainment, they must join The Golddiggers.

For more information on Red Lyon, click here.

Theresa Emery Director of The Golddiggers