LETTER: Thoughts on the Boston bombing

Staff Writer
The Destin Log

Law enforcement agencies at all levels must feed and consolidate into but one central source and agency — that one source that is free of presidential and political appointments, a single clearinghouse for information from multiple agencies.  It appears to this writer that the human element is too diverse and consists of one agenda, but there are too many agencies and perhaps differing approaches and priorities to the sharing of vital information.  Control and dissemination of information is key.

Redundancy then is our Achilles' heel — not the dedicated people within all these many agencies, but the core agencies themselves.

The terrible tragedy and loss of life in Boston need not have happened, and I am sickened. I am a very proud American and proud too of all those from so many law enforcement departments and agencies that worked so effectively. But the fact remains, that we need to affect changes, and that need is long overdue.

Since the attack on 9-11 we have done a fair job, but we need to do a much better job.

Streamlining the flow and dissemination of information should be the immediate priority, as extremists have but one agenda — to kill. They are among us. To adjudicate the massacre at Fort Hood, Texas, as "workplace violence" is a travesty of justice.

What is wrong with this picture? We the People are not passive sheep, and our Constitution with the Bill of Rights is sacred and must never be compromised by politicians and a misguided populace.

We have heard that a camel is a horse that is put together by committee. This same logic applies here. The key word here is "consolidation." We need to do a better and much more effective job of defining resources and screening information from all sources — domestic and foreign — in order to be more secure as a nation. Our very Freedom is at stake here.

God bless America, and may God protect us from those that would do us harm. May we be forever vigilant.

John L. Bell Destin