LETTER: A cartoon of memories

Staff Writer
The Destin Log

Dear editor,

Your cartoon in The Destin Log, April 24-26, brought back memories with mixed emotions. The Green Knight was our family's landmark to turn as we made our way to Joe's Bayou to spend time at our beach cottage. We were sad when that was moved.

Then June's Dunes, a great view from which to enjoy a delicious breakfast as the gulf waves rolled in, and yes, there were always cats calling it home and begging for crumbs.

The thrill of having a delightful dinner on "The Revolving Restaurant" Hawaiki was like none other — not realizing you were moving but with beautiful changing views.

Thanks for printing the cartoon to remind us of memories of Destin we shall never forget. I've always enjoyed The Destin Log.

Helen King Andalusia, Ala.