LETTER: ‘I don’t know’ is not an acceptable answer

Staff Writer
The Destin Log

Counting the "I don't knows" in the media this past week would be time consuming. Seemingly, "I do not know" is the new trendy catch phrase for this administration with a few "I am not awares” and “I do not remembers."

The president assures the nation he does not know anything about the Internal Revenue Service scandal, which was preceded by he did not know Benghazi was a terrorist attack.

Is there a brain affliction that targets corrupt politicians to automatically say "I do not know" when the truth would be too damaging to their political careers?

It must be true since the affliction has spread to Attorney General Holder and now IRS Commissioner Steven Miller. Both men appeared equally afflicted by the "I do not know" disorder during last week's hearings.

“What difference does it make?” Hillary Clinton would ask. The difference is the IRS has forever been long-armed and intrusive into people's lives, but the boundaries they have crossed can not be tolerated by conservatives or liberals.

American taxpayers are given no mercy by the Internal Revenue Service. The taxpayer is not given the opportunity to say "I do not know" the answer to that question. The IRS demands perfection from the taxpayer, so why should the taxpayer expect anything less from the Internal Revenue Service?

The government and the IRS are to be above all truthful, but the only words that come to mind are double dealing, underhanded, unethical and two-faced. Could the press ask this administration the meaning of the word corrupt? The reply would surely be "I do not know!”

Sylvia Williams Destin