LETTER: City should help boaters keep water clean, safe

Brock Mclean

I tried writing the city of Destin with no response in more than 2 weeks.

Does anyone know why we are surrounded by all this great beautiful, fish-filled water with all these boating opportunities, yet we no longer have a boat wash station? We do not have any public fish cleaning stations, and city officials are park Nazis when it comes to getting a free boat launch sticker or renting the pavilion at Clement Taylor Park (And yes I am a Destin resident).

I also asked what could be done about getting the rocks and geo-textile bag off the tip of Norriego Point, which is marked with a caution buoy.

Also, the random piling that is way out in the bay in front of the Fort Benning camp, which marks their channel, is going to kill someone one day. There are no reflective markers or lights on it at all.

 Two weeks ago, the Joe's Bayou channel markers had no lights on them either. They could just be out, but I was trying to find out if there is an agency contact we could talk to about making these pilings safer at night for boaters.

Brock Mclean