LETTER: The tourist stampede and the local exodus

Sylvia Williams, Speaking Out
A used car dealership and a landscaping company once called this area along Henderson Beach Road and Commons Drive home, but the buildings are being removed to potentially make room for a Dolly Parton-backed dinner theater.

In reference to Saturday’s Progress edition of The Destin Log: What is the next big thing for Destin? Seemingly, the next big thing is more restaurants, shopping venues and tourist attractions. Developers are leaving no grain of sand unturned as to Destin's future.

A recent Destin Log article boasted of growth and development and the vision for Destin without mention that a three mile travel can take 45 minutes or longer. Shane Moody's comments to The Log voiced concern of the "demographics who are vacationing here."

Is Shane the only city leader living in reality?

The real issues facing Destin are discussed in meetings, put on the calendar to discuss further then pushed back in order to approve another structure. There must be an imaginary Hwy. 98 that will parallel the existing highway for the increase in tourism after Dolly Parton’s Dixie Stampede comes to Destin.

Locals who have lived in here for decades and assisted in building the first buildings in Destin are moving out. The stampede will be two-fold — one coming into town as locals stampede out. Yes, the demographic of Destin is changing. This is surely the next big thing.

Sylvia Williams