LETTER: Beware the clause in your Cable contract

Joe Nelson, Speaking Out

If you are a business owner and use Cox Cable, let me give you a heads up. Several companies are competing hard for Cox business clients. If you decide to leave Cox and move to another company, don’t make the mistake I did.

BEFORE you cancel the Cox service, check your contract with them. I made the mistake of not checking and found out afterward that there was a clause deep in the contract that said I had to give a one year notice of cancellation. I signed this contract back in January of 2008 and this clause was in the fine print. I did not remember this clause — and the people at the Cox store didn’t tell me about it — when I turned in the Cox equipment.

A few months later I received a letter from Cox saying I owed for a year’s worth of service, even though I was not using their services any longer. So check your contract first before you make a change.

Joe Nelson